How it works

The Zoom in Business "90 Day Business Challenge" is our unique premier membership event that we run just four times per year. The Challenge is a unique online business assessment and mindset program created by Kirsten Lowis who is the Founder and Senior Consultant of Zoom in Business, Publishing Editor of Zoom in Business Magazine and creator of the popular series "Let's talk business. How to buy, grow, value and sell a business" and "90 Day Business Challenge". She specialises in helping small business owners understand the often overlooked "business" of business. Her informative sessions are jam-packed full of stories, tips and resources that will help you at any stage of your business lifecycle.

Kirsten runs this 90DBC over the course of 12 weeks, concentrating on one of the six key areas in your business every fortnight.

You will complete some Pre-Challenge Tasks, recieve a Welcome Pack and Workbook, plus join her and our team of experts for six fortnightly Webinars as we tackle the Challenge together.

We'll keep you on track every day, so you'll get your work done, and have some real tangible results to show on completion.


As a member of 90DBC, you are supported by our team of experts and your 90DBC peers and along with Kirsten will give you access to inspiring content and practical tools and advice to help you achieve your goals.

You will receive:

 3 Pre-Challenge Tasks to get you organised

 A Welcome Pack posted to your door, including a free magazine and your Zoom in Business workbook

 12 week membership to the Zoom in Business website

 Daily tasks, inspiration and comprehensive coaching emails to keep you on track

 Free tickets to our 6 fortnightly Webinars throughout the Challenge, covering the 6 key areas

 Access to an amazing team of business experts, plus become part of the incredibly supportive Zoom in Business community


Joining The 90 Day Business Challenge

You can pay to join 90DBC via Direct Deposit or Paypal. If you pay by credit card or PayPal, you can choose the weekly instalment option of $82.50 ($990.00 total over 12 instalments) or choose the upfront payment of $924.00.  

If you choose to pay via Direct Deposit an upfront payment of $924.00 is the only option. Please join online and choose "Offline Payment" in the payment section. We will send you an invoice and once you have deposited the $924 into our account we will notify you of when your account has been created and is active.

We look forward to you coming on board!

Are you up for it?

Join the 90 Day Business Challenge today!

 Faster and more managed growth

 More productivity and competitiveness 

 An exit strategy or sell plan

 Less stress, more time off and more fun!

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Program dates

The 90 Day Business Challenge is designed so that you can start anytime, anywhere. We do run scheduled live webinars, however they are recorded and uploaded to our Knowledgebase so you wont miss out on a thing.

To join 90 Day Business Challenge  head to our Membership Sign-up page.

We'd love to have you join us!


Is it for you?

Zoom in Business is all about helping people to be healthy and wealthy by improving their lifestyle, potential, their business profits, their team and their marketing, and then injecting fun back into their business again all in the name of Value. We are not about propping people up, but giving them critical and relevant information, as well as that vital boost and accountability they need to be well balanced and sell-ready.

The Zoom in Business team live and breathe business and they are passionate about working with people who truly want to start or buy a business, grow it to a healthy and profitable level where they are ready to step away and have it fully managed or alternatively sell for maximum value.

Using our case studies, activities and questions, you will develop your own growth strategy and action plan, with access to our templates and resource library. Over the 12 weeks, you and your Zoom in Business advisors will open the doors to our three key blocks of strategic thinking:

Within each of these blocks, we have a particular focus on six key areas:

We believe that every business has these 6 key fundamental VALUE elements and many business owners struggle in one or a number of these areas, and it affects them when they start to grow or plan to sell.

We'll work with you to let go of old habits that might have been holding you back and put you back in the driver's seat of your business.

Most of all, our lessons aren't just for 12 weeks, they are lessons that you can use for the rest of your business life! We'll show you how to keep organised and on-track with simple strategies, so your business learning can continue.

We look forward to you coming on board!