"Necessity is the mother of invention" - Plato

Zoom in Business membership can help you zoom in YOUR business!

We've developed Zoom in Business membership and magazine around 6 key areas of every business:



Perhaps the most important factor in successful marketing is a strong "business vision." In general, if you have a strong vision of where your business could or should be, then there is a good chance that the business will achieve a strong position in its markets (and attain that in future). When your strategies are consistent with your vision, you will be supported by your Team at all levels. Your marketing should also be underpinned by a philosophy of Delivery and Sales in order to complete an accurate image and brand for your business.



To a great extent, sales conversion can be a two-trick pony involving a combination of strong product and equally strong personality. But before we get into the ways you can improve your sales conversion, let's confirm that you actually track and calculate your sales conversion rate in your business.



Once excellent employees are in place, they must be trained and re-trained continuously. They must be evaluated based on, among other things, their ability to deliver outstanding customer service to both internal and external customers. An employee having a bad day is unacceptable as an excuse for delivering less than outstanding customer service. Employees must be on every hour of every day that they are on the job. You shouldn't expect anything less. Customers don't care that an employee is having personal problems or isn't feeling well. They want to be served at a high level. The success of your business is directly tied to how well customers are served.



Aministration underpins good business practices to ensure your business is well run. Our Zoom in Business team of experts know first hand that a well-run business will not only improve its value, but it will be placed in the best possible position to respond to trading conditions.



Most of us have been involved in a team-building exercise at some point; was yours a weekend retreat, or an afternoon abseiling down a cliff learning to rely on one another, or a day on the golf course socialising?

Regardless of whether you enjoyed the exercise, did you and your team return back to their usual behaviour? The 'afternoon of fun' may have been a nice break from the hum drum of your business, but did your team actually use any of the lessons that they learned once they were back in the workplace?

Getting your team 'out of the box' regularly is an important step in helping them work through issues and it will do wonders for your business in general. Think about this... If you were a professional athlete, would train a few times a year for your competitions? Of course not you would run every day through regular, consistent training and exercise. The same principle applies to your team.




Did you know that 80% of people let their fear of failure out win their desire to succeed. Most people try and go it alone in their business. But you can't see the picture when you're in the frame, so having a coach/mentor is so important.

Consider our all-time favourite Zoom in Business quotable by Mia Angelo, "Most people go so far in life, and then they park".

Think of it this way. When people reach a certain point in their life/career/business, they pull off the highway, especially when they get some hits or rejected, illness or if they lose something. Then they just park. And I'll take it even further, they don't even turn on their emergency lights. It's not because they are broken down, but more that they don't want anybody to look notice them. Sound familiar?

If someone pulled up to help and said "Hey I've got some jumper leads in my boot, do you need a jump start?" or "Hey there's a service station about 3 km's up the road, I can bring you back some fuel" they usually reply "Oh no, I'm just fine!" These people, and it could be you, just get off the highway, and parkindefinitely. They go nowhere. They lose strength and power.

I'm a business valuer, so most days I'm crunching numbers to measure 'value' in a business. But what about 'value' in your lives? Do you ever stop and 'appraise' what is valuable to you? I've found that many busy business owners engage in low-life living or low risk-living. That's ok, but if you're not willing to risk you cannot grow, and if you cannot grow you cannot become your best, and if you cannot become your best, I don't think you can be 100% happy and if you cannot be happy, then what else is there?

As a business owner, you will need to become competent at many areas including and they usually come under the areas of: Sales, Marketing, Admin, Team, Delivery and Mindset.

All of these competencies are areas of the Zoom in Business program, and we help you become your best. But, remember to start with the right mindset.

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