Building Your Business? The 7 Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Hear

Are you building an internet business? Are you building an offline business? Are you building a traditional brick and mortar business? How about if you are building both, an online and an offline business? How about if you are building both simultaneously? Well, if you are building one or the other, or both, even at the same time, stay tune...

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4 Keys To Being Assertive And Not Aggressive

Have you ever met anyone that was overly aggressive? Too pushy? That car salesman that approached you before you even got out of your car? Did that person come on too strong, too fast? Kind of a turnoff huh? Being aggressive, or overly aggressive has its time and place.

However, we must all be assertive at times. Assertiveness is an essential...

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4 Must Have Phrases In Your Relationships

Healthy relationships are wonderful. Any healthy, successful relationship takes nourishing. Just like a marriage, a healthy relationship takes work. These 4 must-have phrases apply not only to personal relationships, but business relationships as well. The phrases and concepts are very important for successful team building in business.


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Attitude Is Everything - 4 Steps To Changing Yours

Attitude is defined as the mental position or feeling with regard to something else. Maintaining the right attitude is essential in life and the success of you and your business. What does maintaining the right attitude mean? In my opinion, maintaining the right attitude means having the proper mental perspective for your given situation.


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6 Attitude Types That Pre-Define Your Life - Which One Are You?

There are 6 different attitude types that determine your position in life. 6 attitudes that determine your success or failure. If you are having trouble in certain areas of your life, whether it be in business, relationships or your finances, take a look at your attitude.

Attitidue 1 - The Poverty Attitude - This is an attitude of...

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