Creating a Strong Brand

  You want to sell your home.  Which Real Estate Agent do you call? Your child needs braces.  Which Orthodontist do you choose? The answer is usually the same in each case: the one who stands out the most, and earns your trust with their brand.   If you are involved in marketing, you've heard the term &...

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Split-Testing And Facebook Marketing Tips From A 10 Year Old Kid

When I was a kid growing up in rural Mississippi there was one thing that was always a constant, especially in the summer. HEAT! Boy did it get hot down there. Not only hot, but with a wet heat. In rural Mississippi 100% humidity was a norm.

With the natural element of heat, being a curious kid looking for a way to make a buck, I set off to c...

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Quanta Fusion Review - 3 Keys To Improving Your Self Image

Within the Quanta Fusion Program, Quanta co-founder Jim Lutes the reveals 3 keys to improving your self image. The Quanta Fusion Program combines Jim Lutes Mind Masterpiece program with co-founder Jim Britt's Power of Letting Go Program.

Your self-image is defined by 'Webster's' dictionary as 'the way you think about yourself and your abilities or...

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6 Major Reasons Customers Switch Companies Or Products

Have you ever experienced the loss of a major client or customer? If you haven't then congratulations. However, if you are in business long enough, it will eventually happen to most of us. I know it has happened to me on more than one occasion. We learn from it and move on. These 6 reasons apply to almost any type of business, online or offline....

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How to Make Money With PLR

What is PLR? PLR stands for private label rights. Basically its a 'license' to resell another's 'information product'. With the master resell rights that generally come with PLR, that product can be tweaked, changed or modified as you see fit. You are given the authority with PLR to brand that product as your very own.


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