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4 Must Have Phrases In Your Relationships

Healthy relationships are wonderful. Any healthy, successful relationship takes nourishing. Just like a marriage, a healthy relationship takes work. These 4 must-have phrases apply not only to personal relationships, but business relationships as well. The phrases and concepts are very important for successful team building in business.


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7 Internet Marketing Traits For Online Survival

There are world's and world's of online opportunities today. It seems as though a ton of new companies and opportunities are launching each and every day. Aaaah, the power of the internet. There is no greater marketplace than the entire world.

But beware. When choosing an internet or network marketing opportunity make sure you do your ...

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How To Create Images For Social Media That Engage And Attract Traffic

Research shows using images in social media updates increases engagement by 20 times or more.


Social media platforms present a continual stream of updates competing for attention. Users rapidly scan through dozens of updates at a time.

With your own website, you have something like seven seconds to keep someone's attention before ...

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5 Sure Ways To Cure "Internet Marketing Overload"

The main thing I hear from most people just starting out online is that they are overwhelmed. Yes -- you will see TONS of ezines, membership sites, product packages, product launches, forums, blogs, and anything to do with internet marketing. It's a fact -- there's a lot out there!

So how do you stay focused and organized?
1. KE...

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Reduce Your Customer Base To Boost Your Income

When a customer comes to me to ask for advice about his or her business, I often start by asking them who their targeted customers are. Quite often, the answer comes back the same: Everybody.

Unfortunately, when you strive to make everybody your customer, nobody is your customer! Here's the problem:

By trying to be all things to...

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