Are You A Genuis Trapped In Your Own Mind? 3 Tips For Creating Killer Blog Content

Are you having trouble trying to come up with great blog content? Not quite sure what to say or what to write about? If so, relax. That's perfectly normal. Most every consistent blogger deals with this issue on a daily basis.

On the other hand, you may be the brightest, smartest, most unique person in the world. If you are, congratulation...

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Post Divorce Reality - 3 Steps To Cure The Pain

If you haven't experienced the emotional pain from a marriage breakup congratulations. You are doing something right. If you have gone through a divorce, or are currently going through a divorce, these 3 steps may help.

I'm speaking from experience here. Divorce hurts. It hurts emotionally as we separate from a loved one. It hurts fin...

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Case Study Exercise - How Will You Use Your Jar Of Energy?

Assume at birth you were given a Mason Jar just for you that was full of mental energy. The question then becomes, 'How will you use it'? At birth, we are all blessed with certain God given gifts. But lets assume just for a moment that your Mason Jar is full of mental energy just for you. When that mental energy is gone, its gone forever...

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Quanta Fusion Review - 3 Keys To Improving Your Self Image

Within the Quanta Fusion Program, Quanta co-founder Jim Lutes the reveals 3 keys to improving your self image. The Quanta Fusion Program combines Jim Lutes Mind Masterpiece program with co-founder Jim Britt's Power of Letting Go Program.

Your self-image is defined by 'Webster's' dictionary as 'the way you think about yourself and your abilities or...

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Quanta Personal Performance Platform Review - The Feedback Loop

Quanta, the brainchild of Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, currently includes two programs. The Fusion Program and the Personal Performance Platform. This is a review of the Personal Performance Platform.

Within the QUANTA Personal Performance Platform, the members receive daily video recordings to help with their personal development. The daily reco...

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