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Quanta Fusion Review - The Harmful Effects Of Suppression

Suppression in this context is a verb meaning 'to suppress' or 'to hold in from public disclosure'. The Oxford Dictionary defines suppression as 'preventing the development or expression of...'

Have you ever exploded on someone and not sure why? Or have you imploded within and not sure why?

When we resist a negative or harmful feeling or emotio...

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Post Divorce Reality - 3 Steps To Cure The Pain

If you haven't experienced the emotional pain from a marriage breakup congratulations. You are doing something right. If you have gone through a divorce, or are currently going through a divorce, these 3 steps may help.

I'm speaking from experience here. Divorce hurts. It hurts emotionally as we separate from a loved one. It hurts fin...

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Quanta Personal Performance Platform Review - The Feedback Loop

Quanta, the brainchild of Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, currently includes two programs. The Fusion Program and the Personal Performance Platform. This is a review of the Personal Performance Platform.

Within the QUANTA Personal Performance Platform, the members receive daily video recordings to help with their personal development. The daily reco...

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Building Your Business? The 7 Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Hear

Are you building an internet business? Are you building an offline business? Are you building a traditional brick and mortar business? How about if you are building both, an online and an offline business? How about if you are building both simultaneously? Well, if you are building one or the other, or both, even at the same time, stay tune...

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5 Steps To Overcoming Sales Objections

Are you in sales? Outside sales? Inside sales? In-home sales? Internet sales? Networking sales? Everyone in some shape, form or fashion is in sales. Think about for a minute. You are always selling something.

For example, as a kid growing up you were trying to sell your parents on why you should be able to stay up later, or watch that TV show...

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