5 Steps to Setting Up a Website in 15 Minutes Starting From Scratch

Do you have a traditional brick and mortar business and looking for an online presence? But you have no idea how to setup a website? Or, would you like to make extra money online but don't have a clue how? Relax. It's not that difficult. Just 5 quick, easy steps and wahla, your business is online.

Step 1 - You have to purchase a ...

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8 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Getting your website found by the search engines requires basic optimization or SEO for short. When your site is properly optimized you will see substantial improvement in traffic to your site and ultimately more sales.

8 common, typical mistakes to avoid in properly optimizing your website are discussed below.

1 - Using too many imag...

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Does Your Brick & Mortar Business Have a Squeeze Page?

I happen to know several traditional brick and mortar business owners. Some are highly successful. However, the one common area all seem to have major challenges is creating their online presence. After all, what a faster way to grow your business than via internet.

So, the question then becomes, how do I grow my business on the internet? The...

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20 Techniques for Website Explosion

Does your website need more action? More activity? More traffic? More interaction? Listed below are 20 techniques you can implement to increase your website traffic. Over time you will see drastic increases in website activity.

1 - Build your list.

This is absolutely the most crucial. It is fundamental to your online business. Using e...

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Is Your Business Website a Deterrent to Sales?

Is your business website user friendly? Does your website scare away potential customers? Is your business website a deterrent to sales? As a business owner, do you skimp on the budget when it comes to your online business?

I have a colleague that is a general manager of a prestiged automobile business. I'm not gonna give too much detail...

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