20 Techniques for Website Explosion

Written on the 10 August 2016 by Charles Allen

Does your website need more action? More activity? More traffic? More interaction? Listed below are 20 techniques you can implement to increase your website traffic. Over time you will see drastic increases in website activity.

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1 - Build your list.

This is absolutely the most crucial. It is fundamental to your online business. Using e-books, free reports, free gifts, free pdf downloads, etc. you must have a list. Your list is your ultimate tool for online success. Be creative here. Offer coupons, discounts, special promos, whatever is necessary to build your list. Remember, you have to provide great value in exchange for an email address.

2 - Create a Newsletter.

You must stay in touch with your website visitors. Whatever niche you are in, provide something of 'value' to your subscribers. It's imperative to stay in touch.

3 - Build you own website.

Build a separate website designed to attract visitors, not for direct sales. Once again, we are attempting here to build a list, not make a sale. Keep it simple here, nothing fancy.

4 - Create an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is where total 'explosion' can occur. It's kinda like not having only one person driving your product or 'free gift' but thousands. Make sure the affiliate program is geared toward offering a great benefit to the affiliate. There has to be a huge incentive in order for the affiliate to promote your product. You can get started at Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

5 - Have a niche product with limited availability.

If you have a product with 100,000 units available there is no urgency. Keep your product availability very limited, targeted and focused. The less there are available, the more demand you create. Use plain common sense here.

6 - Develop a unique selling perspective (USP).

In other words, why does your business separate itself from others? What makes your product or service more desirable? Here's an example of a great USP that turned around a struggling pizza franchise. Do you recognize this, "Delivered Hot and Fresh in 30 Minutes or Less...OR IT'S FREE"? That's right Domino's Pizza.

7 - Sell Content (Not Products).

You are simply building a relationship with your potential customer. Know, like and trust comes before the sale. Provide quality content first.

8 - Offer an oppurtunity for customer to purchase on every page of your website.

The thought here is to provide some type of offer on the thank you page when your new subscriber signs up to your offer, newsletter, etc.

9 - Make sure you automate.

Automation is simply using your autoresponder to provide pre-written messages at pre-determined dates and times to your list.

10 - Market Yourself as an Expert.

Your customers may like your product, but they buy from you. If they don't know, like and trust you, it doesn't really matter about the product.

11 - Add a signature file to your email.

This is probably the easiest, free way to steadily grow your business. We all send several emails daily and obviously that person already knows you. Provide your email reciipient an opportunity to do business with you.

12 - Use Powerful Headlines and Descriptions.

Your headlines and descriptions can make or break your sales. Simply do a google search for "Words That Sell" and use those.

13 - Devote 30 Minutes per day to your business.

Most internet marketers I know spend a lot more than 30 minutes per day on their business. However, if you work a 9 to 5 currently, 30 minutes per day is necessary. Be consistent.

14 - Get on all guru's newsletter.

Sign up for all newsletters and free gifts, offers, etc. Your internet education is priceless. Get on the newsletter of the big guru's and do what they do. You can learn from them.

15 - Create a suggestion box for customer feedback.

You can improve your website, offer, product by getting feedback from your customers. Find out the ins and outs of what you have to offer.

16 - Offer contests and freebies.

When you offer some type of contest with a free prize, you are creating activity and interaction on your site. Make sure your prize offers real value. Ask yourself, "Would I want to win that prize"? If not, offer something your would like to win.

17 - Use Creative pop-ups and exit windows.

Statistics show that pop-ups and exit windows increase your sales by 10-20%. Be selective here and avoid overuse of pop-ups. They can be a nuisance if misused.

18 - Use article marketing.

Providing quality content via articles creates quality backlinks to your site and increases your search engine rankings. If you can't write, hire someone to do it. (,, etc.) There are free article directories and paid submission sites (

19 - Have fun.

Running an online business can be very demanding. Have fun with it. With a long-term approach your business will grow over time. Make sure you are having fun.

20 - Build a List.

Oh, I think I've covered that one already. But it is the most important.



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