4 Basic Reasons Why People Won't Join Your Network Marketing Business

Written on the 26 September 2016 by Charles Allen

Have you ever wondered why you can't get people to join you in your network marketing business? Have you ever thought 'they must be insane for not taking advantage of this unbelievable opportunity?' After all, you believe you have the greatest product and pay plan on earth, right? Otherwise you wouldn't be involved yourself.

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You see, there are 4 basic reasons why people will not join your network marketing business.

1 - They don't understand how network marketing works. Most people are involved in their daily grind. Their 9 to 5 job. They simply do not understand how network marketing works, or the benefits.

2 - They don't understand how they could become successful given their present circumstances. You have probably heard all the excuses, like 'I don't know a lot of people', or 'My work takes me out of town quite often', or 'I'm not a people person', or 'I'm a shy person', or 'I don't like selling', and on and on.

In 1 and 2 above, what your prospect is really saying is I need more information. They are saying, "Show me how I can make the business work for me, given my current situation".

3 - They are totally happy and fulfilled in their life and just not interested. You will find some of these people that are totally fulfilled and just plain not interested.

4 - They don't see the benefit for themselves. This is the most common reason. They simply don't see the benefit.

Sponsoring is the major difference between direct sales and network marketing. Sponsoring is defined as looking out for another persons interest or well-being.

In direct sales, you income is based on your own time and effort. Whereas, in network marketing, your income is based on not only your own time and effort, but the time and effort of your network. For example, if you work 10 hours in direct sales, you get paid for 10 hours of time and effort. In network marketing, if you work 10 hours, and your network of 10 people works 10 hours, you get paid for 110 hours of time and effort. Simply put, you have leveraged others time and effort.

A Network is defined as a chain of interconnected people or operations. Marketing is defined as a method of selling goods or services. Therefore, Network Marketing would be defined as an interconnected people selling goods or services.

Network Marketing is not about recruiting. Recruiting is easy. Network Marketing is about sponsoring and helping people to grow their business. Sponsoring takes time and effort. When you're sponsoring, you are building a family, a relationship. A family within a network marketing business is usually spread over a large geographic area. Maybe even across continents, given today's technology. The family within a network marketing business is united in a common cause and they make money doing it.

There are 4 basic stages to sponsoring, in order.

1 - How to get your prospect to look.

2 - How to get your prospect to respond.

3 - How to get your prospect to join.

4 - How to get your prospect to succeed.

In order to grow your network marketing business, understand why they may not join. But more importantly, concentrate on sponsoring, not simply recruiting.



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