4 Must Have Ingredients Of A Successful Network Marketer

Written on the 20 October 2016 by Charles Allen

Are you a network marketer? If so, how do you spend most of your time online? Is it spent advertising? Or making blog posts? Or on facebook? Or in general driving traffic to your opportunity or website?

In my opinion, in order to be successful as an online network marketer, there are 4 necessary ingredients. These ingredients are taken from experience in the online, as well as the offline, real-world before internet, network marketing.

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The most important, necessary ingredient of a network marketer is leadership. Why is leadership the most important? Its very simple. Leaders attract. Leaders bring the masses. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader. That's ok because leaders need followers in order to be successful and followers need leaders to be successful. But the leader, in my opinion, will usually generate the most sales, followers, and make the most money. Leaders can see the vision before it happens and bring along followers that make lots of money as well.

The second most necessary ingredient for any network marketer, whether offline or online, is communication. When you are involved in network marketing you must communicate with your team. In today's high tech world, communication is very rapid and fast-paced. Communication has become a lot easier than in the past. With available tools like texting, skype, social media facebook and twitter, email and cell phones, communication is readily available today. Communication, in my opinion, is the most necessary ingredient. You must stay in touch with your team with new ideas and the latest changes or modifications to your program.

The third most necessary ingredient to a network marketer is creativity. As network marketing is always in a constant state of change, you must be very creative in coming up with new ways to market or attract people to your opportunity. Being creative in finding new ways to market, whether online or offline, free advertising or paid advertising can be a challenge. The most effective network marketers are very creative. When you can drive traffic to your opportunity or attract new people with the smallest investment then you are operating most efficiently. There are several free advertising methods available today, including popular one like craigslist and youtube.

The fourth most important ingredient of a network marketer is networking. You see, networking is important, I just believe that the other three ingredients, leadership, communicatin and creativity are slightly more important. With the popularity of facebook, twitter, linkedin and other forms of social media, networking happens usually without a business opportunity attached. Ask yourself this question, "Will my facebook friends follow me in business?" Usually the answer to that question is no. That's why leadership is my most important ingredient.

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