4 Must Have Phrases In Your Relationships

Written on the 1 October 2016 by Charles Allen

Healthy relationships are wonderful. Any healthy, successful relationship takes nourishing. Just like a marriage, a healthy relationship takes work. These 4 must-have phrases apply not only to personal relationships, but business relationships as well. The phrases and concepts are very important for successful team building in business.

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Phrase 1 - I Believe In You.

If you are a parent, this phrase is crucial for your children and their well-being. Your children need to know that as a parent you have faith in them. You have faith in their actions, choices, beliefs, and friendships. When you tell your children that you believe in them, you are instilling beliefs in them that will last a lifetime.

In business, when you let your subordinates or team members know that you believe in them their performance will improve. Everyone wants to feel wanted, loved, and to know their roles as part of the team is important. If you are in a leadership role, let your team know that you believe in them. Not only by your words do you show you believe in your team, but also by the projects they oversee and the responsibility and leadership roles bestowed upon those team members. The more you delegate with belief, the more powerful your team will become.

Phrase 2 - I Trust You.

Earning someone's trust takes time. But giving your trust to someone who you may not personally, only in a business sense, takes courage. Great leaders of some of the biggest and most successful companies on the planet have this powerful trait in common. They trust their team members. The great leaders all seek to put great people around them and build them up in order to build up the company. All with one common goal.

Do you put trust in your team? Do you show your family or your kids that you trust them? Try showing your kids your trust their actions for once and watch what happens. You will be amazed. Kids especially want trust from their parent, their authority figure.

Phrase 3 - I Support You.

Have you ever worked for a company that you felt didn't support you? Or have you ever worked for a company or been in a position where you felt they didn't have your back? That's a very demoralizing position to be in. When you feel as though your thoughts, ideas, creations or beliefs are not supported by your company or upper management, this feeling undermines your best work.

On the other hand, if you feel your company or your spouse has your back, and supports you in your endeavors then you are in a position to flourish. All great leaders support their team. They can support their team because the teammates all know their roles and what's expected. They also know their. Does your family know you support them? Do you have their back?

Phrase 4 - I Love You.

We saved the most powerful phrase for last. Whether the phrase 'I Love You' is verbalized (make sure you verbalize to your spouse) or shown by your acts to your business team, love conquers all. When you bestow love that is genuine, from within, on your family or team, the atmosphere is greatly enhanced. Everyone wants to be loved. Take a look at yourself on the inside. Love is genuine. Love can't be faked. It all starts with you.

And remember this. You can't love others unless you love yourself first.

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