5 Business Lessons From a 21 Year Old...Not Just Any 21 Year Old.

Written on the 4 July 2016 by Charles Allen

This 21 year old is not just any 21 year old. I'm speaking of reigning 2015 Masters Champion Jordan Spieth. What can we learn from a professional golfer that applies to our business world? Read on.

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5 Business Lessons From Jordan Spieth 2015 Masters Champion

1. Focus

As a 21 year old that's at the top of his profession, how did he get there? He is extremely focused. Can you imagine being CEO of your company at the ripe age of 21?

On the 18th hole of Saturday's round at Augusta National, Spieth hit his second shot in the gallery. His lead was slowly slipping away. Miracously he chipped on the green and made the sliding left to right 8 footer for par. This set the tone for the final round on Sunday.

What does this have to do with business you ask? Jordan was focused on the task at hand. Not worrying about tomorrow or the end of quarter P&L, he was focused and in the moment. Very impressive, especially for a 21 year old.

2. Tenacity

The competitive spirit of this kid is astounding. He competes and competes and competes. Do you have competitiors on your team? Competing is easy when things are going your way. It gets a lot tougher when things go astray.

Rewind to the tournament prior to Masters. Jordan was locked in a 3-way playoff for the title. On the very first playoff hole, a cameraman clicked a photo in Jordan's backswing. The natural flinch from the camera noise caused Jordan's shot to come off rather poorly. He was eliminated in the playoff.

Did he quit? The following week, the 2015 Masters, clearly answers that question.

3. Humility

The combination of a focused, talented, tenacious individual with a humbling spirit is beautiful to watch. With a special needs sister that keeps him grounded, Jordan is filled with humility. After all, life is a lot more than chasing a golf ball around for 18 holes.

4. Persistance

This may be a little surprising. How can a 21 year old prodigy on the top of his profession have persistancy? What most don't know is that Jordan was eliminated from the second round of PGA Tour qualifying school a couple years prior. Relying on sponsor exemptions, he perservered. He earned his card, not from qualifying school like most golf pros, but from money winnings from tournaments invited via a sponsor exemption.

Let's face it. This kid has got great talent. But, if you first don't succeed, try, try, again.

5. Seek Guidance

Seeking the advice of others that have gone before you is priceless. After all, if a mentor is willing to share how they did it, isn't it worth asking? Save yourself a lot of time, headache, and heartache. Seeking the advice of others. Find a MENTOR.

What was so impressive about Jordan was how he constantly sought out the advice of former Masters Champions. Such as 2 time Masters Champion Ben Crenshaw. Don't forget his good friend, and 3 time Masters Champion, Phil Mickelson.

Does your team seek the advice of the top performers? If not, that sales training can have a major impact on the bottom line. I would incorporate that into my weekly agenda.

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