5 Ways to Immediately Increase Your Effectiveness

Written on the 1 September 2016 by Charles Allen

Was Einstein right? Are you using only 10% of your resourceful brain cells at any one time?

If he was right, if we only use 10% of our effective brain cells at any one time, how do we tap into the other 90%? Do more successful people use this other 90%? Do they have some type secret we don't know about? Are they doing something entirely different in their daily habits?

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Back in the 1960's, 70's and 80's, we lived in a completely different world than we do today. A totally different technoligical age. Today's age has definite advantages information wise. However, today's age also can pose some disadvantages to your overall effectiveness.

You see, when I was coming up in grade school in the 70's, there were very few if any distractions. There we no cell phones, ipads, iphones, laptops, wifi, internet, etc. It was common practice and habit forming, to be totally focused on the task at hand. A lot more so then than now, that's for sure.

If you want to be more effective in your daily tasks, life, business, relationships, etc., then quickly adopt these top 5 strategies.

1 - Log off facebook. I know there are a lot of online marketers that use facebook advertising on a daily basis, as I do. However, I'm talking about the non-productive social meandering and scrolling that a majority of the populations seems to do on a daily basis. Even during the middle of the work day. Even when you know you should be something else. Make it a habit to not let this interfere with your daily objective.

2 - Turn off your cell phone. Wow, what a distraction the smart phones have gotten to be. Some will argue they are multi-tasking and completing meaningful work tasks on their smart phone. There may be some truth to this, but i'm talking about completing that important project you have been putting off. Turn off the cell phone and focus. Do not take personal phone calls, if not an emergency, until you complete your objective.

3 - Set aside a few minutes for answering emails after your work is done. Answering emails and wading through insignificant information can eat up a big portion of your day. Set aside certain times to take care of this. Stick to it and don't get distracted. Once again, stay focused on your objective.

4 - Do what you dread most first. The task or tasks that are most difficult, make it a habit to get these out of the way the very first thing in your day. When you do this, you are now on crusie control for that trying time of the day when you need your energy. That 2-3pm window can be very trying if you are undertaking your most difficult task at this time. Get it out of the way early.

5 - Help Your Neighbor. Whether your co-worker, your neighbor, a friend, a spouse, a family member, etc., when you seek to lift up someone else, or help out someone that may be struggling, and take the focus off of yourself, you will feel a sense of energy returned to you that is very refreshing.



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