7 Internet Marketing Traits For Online Survival

Written on the 15 July 2016 by Charles Allen

There are world's and world's of online opportunities today. It seems as though a ton of new companies and opportunities are launching each and every day. Aaaah, the power of the internet. There is no greater marketplace than the entire world.

But beware. When choosing an internet or network marketing opportunity make sure you do your homework. After you have made your careful selection, these 7 internet marketing traits apply to whatever online marketing opportunity you have chosen. These 7 traits are not just plucked out of the sky. They originate from years of experience, hard work, input from other marketers, lots of success and some failures along the way.

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1. Make a Decison. Have you made a decision to make money from home or pursue that online marketing opportunity? When I say decision, I don't mean just any common decision like going to the grocery. I mean a firm decision. A firm 'never say die' decision. You will face challenges. You will face obstacles. You will think about quitting. So, make a firm decision to push through until you reach your ultimate destination.

2. Be yourself. There are thousands of unique characters and individuals on the internet today. Some are very good hearted with your ultimate success in mind. Others, not so much. But, you have to give them credit, they are putting themselves out there. Put yourself out there. It doesn't matter if your are tall, short, smart, quirky, black, white, or green, just be yourself. After all, your downline wants to know who you really are. Not some mythical magic make-believe internet guru. Be yourself.

3. Work hard. All successful internet marketers that I know, study under, and learn from have one thing in common. They are not afraid to get to work. An internet marketer's mindset is totally different from your average corporate 9 to 5 employee. They realize that if they don't make it happen, soak up the knowledge and take massive action, they may fail. Avoiding failure is a powerful internet aphrodisiac.

4. Look within. Have you ever heard the 'ole saying that if it's gonna be, it's up to me? We all have. Well I'm here to tell you that it rings true in your online business. You see, only you have the ultimate responsibility to make it work. Not your spouse, your partner, your lover, your soulmate, etc. Only you. Hopefully your decision was a firm one in trait number 1 above. If your business is not where you want it to be, just look in the mirror.

5. Find a mentor. Having a mentor is vital. The proper mentor to me means someone that has your best interest at heart. Helping your reach your destination should be your mentor's goal. After all, in the network marketing business, if the newest of marketers can't succeed, then the business overall will not grow.

6. Make a plan. Having a plan to grow your business is the same as any other business plan, whether offline or online. Developing your plan for growth is fundamental. You will tweak, change and modify your plan as you proceed. Just remember, there is no such thing as a perfect plan. You learn by doing, by taking action, by trial and error. But, take action and get started today.

7. Don't quit. One of the most successful internet marketers I know, a multi-millionaire online, shared this secret with me. He said, and I paraphrase, "the reason for my success is that I just kept coming back for more. I would not go away. After a few years, I looked up and was making a full-time income and more. After awhile, I was very wealthy." His motto was 'Just don't quit'.

Hopefully, in whatever online marketing opportunity you decide on, these tried and true traits can accelerate your online success.

Chris Doe Ford - wanna start an internet marketing business? Need a little help? Don't know where to turn, who to trust, what to do? Relax, that's normal for newcomers. These 7 internet marketing traits apply to any online business. For more information please visit my website at

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