8 Must Have Ingredients of a Fully Automated Online Business

Written on the 24 August 2016 by Charles Allen

What is a fully automated online business? In my opinion, its a marketing system that will not only sell your products, but also advertise, promote, appoint your downlines, train your downlines, and motivate them all at once. Does your online business do that? If not, take a closer look at all the wonderful technology available today.

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Here are 8 must have ingredients of a fully automated online business:

1 - Collect your opt-in lists. Most sites I have studied do this fairly well. With FREE giveaways such as training courses, pdf's, free marketing tips & tricks, etc., obtaining the initial opt-in is the first step in fully automating your online business.

2 - Promote your offer by giving your opt-ins a well-guided tour. Making your potential customers feel welcomed is vital. Its the same as if you visited a traditional brick and mortar business. In the virtual world, this concept is the same. Make your customer feel welcome, give valuable information and facts, show how your product will benefit them, all in a well developed tour. Some marketers use video tour to fully explain your offer and others use sales copy. Most highly functioning sites use both video and sales copy.

3 - Give your opt-ins an opportunity to buy. This concept once again rings true in the offline world as well as online. You want to provide an ultimate buying opportunity for your customers as opposed to stuffing a selling proposition down their throat. If your customer sees a benefit from a great product that is fairly priced, they will buy. Let them buy. Don't try to sell.

4 - Have your autoresponder setup to follow up if they don't buy initially. Have you ever been shopping, saw something that was really interesting, didn't buy it initially, and returned later for your purchase? We all have, right? Same philosophy holds true online. Follow-up with your interested opt-ins regularly and your sales will increase 20-30%.

5 - Have your autoresponder setup to train your customers when they buy. Constant, consistent training for your customers is vital. After all, if you offer a product they aren't trained to use will cause chargebacks. Your autoresponder should be setup will complete virtual, video training.

6 - Use conference software for group discussions. A complete autoresponder should offer conferencing software in order to hold webinars or group discussions. Regular webinars to answer questions and concerns and to educate your customer will keep them coming back.

7 - Have a well developed duplication system. The goal here is to help your customers grow their business. If your site promotes your customer duplicating and growing their business, while educating and training them, you will have a customer for life.

8 - Set up an automated traffic generating system. If you have an automated traffic delivery system, then you will cycle back to step 1 above of creating an opt-in. It all starts at step 1 obtaining the opt-in. Step 8 keeps the cycle intact.

One of the most fullfilling aspects of an online business is you can adapt, tweak and make necessary changes in order to most effective. For most marketers, fully automating your online business is a journey. Enjoy the ride.



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