Are You A Genuis Trapped In Your Own Mind? 3 Tips For Creating Killer Blog Content

Written on the 2 November 2018 by Chris Ford

Are you having trouble trying to come up with great blog content? Not quite sure what to say or what to write about? If so, relax. That's perfectly normal. Most every consistent blogger deals with this issue on a daily basis.

On the other hand, you may be the brightest, smartest, most unique person in the world. If you are, congratulations..And you may have the best ideas for business, personal growth, relationships, money, finances more so than anybody else..If so, congratulations again..I am envious.

But, if you are the brightest, smartest, most unique person in the world, and you fail to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions with the world or anyone for that matter, then you are like a GENUIS TRAPPED IN YOUR OWN MIND!.Probably a great trip for you, but if you can't share it then its almost worthless. Agree?

I know when I first started blogging that I had the 'blog block' syndrome that most writers have. The 'ole 'writers block' exists in almost everyone. And I am far from the smartest, brightest, most unique person on this planet. I'm just a regular Joe just like most other people.

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These 3 tips below sure did help me out when 'writer's block' set in. Let me help you out so you can create better, if not unlimited BLOG content

3 questions I always ask myself before a BLOG post:

Question 1 - Ask yourself this question. "Can I predict what's going to happen in my niche?"or, "What do I see happening in my niche in the next few weeks, months, years?" For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, and you see a new diet pill or workout program or MLM program coming down the path, then you may want to let the world know.

This is great content for you to post. Why? Because it lets people know you, better understand you, and either agree with you or disagree with you. That's important in the whole realm of 'KNOW, LIKE & TRUST' that is the motto of the online marketing world.

You see, when your readers know, like and trust your writing style, then whether they agree or disagree with your position is not really important. They are engaged is what's important. You can't control their opinion anyway. NEUTRALITY IS BORING..POLARITY IS EXCITINGtake a stand and there will be a reaction, whether positive or negative, but nonetheless, a reaction.

Question 2 - If you can see what's going to happen or have a prediction in your niche, Can you relate your prediction to a current event?.This is so important because it resonates with people as to what's goin on in the world, especially THEIR worldPrime Example here, "OBAMACARE". Whether you are pro or con, its is very controversial.

When you can bring your prediction in your niche to a relevant current event then your readers will become engaged.

Question 3 - Is my content entertaining and does it add value? "Entertain first then Educate"..don't worry about proper format, tags, meta tags, correct formatting of blog posts, etc.I'm a firm believer that if you have something to say, and it provides value to others, then it will find them..The needle in the haystack is always found, eventually.



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Author:Chris Ford