Are You A Leader?

Written on the 18 May 2019 by Chris Ford

As John Maxwell puts it in his book. 'The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leaderhsip', "being a Leader is Like being a Lady, if you have to tell people you are, YOU AREN'T" - Margaret Thatcher.

Regardless of where you are in life, regardless of what business you are in, if you have a family or if you don't, if you are a teacher, if you are a coach, if you are a dad, or a mom, there is always someone that looks up to you. Whether you realize it or not, someone is always looking to you.

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Are You A Leader or A Follower?

Have you ever asked yourself what your role is? Are you a leader or follower? It's ok if you are not the leader. Being a follower is just as crucial. After all, we can't all leaders.

If you are a leader, what type leader are you? Are you a positional leader or a real leader. If you see a disparity between who's leading the meeting vs. who's leading the people, then the person leading the meeting is not the real leader - John Maxwell.

The real leader is the person who carries the biggest influence. The real leader usually speaks later, not first. The real leader is one that's generally needs only their influence to get things done. The real leader is one that influences everyone in the room.

The positional leader on the other hand usually is the one who speaks first, needs the influence of the real leader to get things done, and influences only the other positional leaders. You know these types. These are the water cooler leaders. They hang out near the water cooler and talk about the real leader, and how they agree or disagree with what he or she is doing.

As John states in his book, "The real test of leadership is not where you start out. It's where you end up." You see, we all can't start out being in a leadership role. A leadership role is something that is earned. Look at all the great leaders of the past. To name a few, former Presidents Teddy Roosevelt & Harry S. Truman, sports legend Michael Jordan, former Financial Director Alan Greenspan, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., the great reverend Billy Graham.

What did these great leaders have in common? When they spoke people listened. You remember the old E.F. Hutton commercial, "When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen." When great leaders speak, everyone listens.

As of this writing, Phil Jackson, NBA basketball coach and winner of numerous NBA titles, was hired as President of basketball operations for the New York Knicks. Why? It's plain and simple. Phil is a winner with tons of influence and thus a great leader. When people are around Phil, they expect to win. The entire culture of the organization will change. That's a person of great influence.

How do great leaders become great leaders? Not overnight, but overtime.

Stay tuned tomorrow and we'll discuss how great leaders become great leaders.



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