Autoresponder Review: GVO/PureLeverage vs GetResponse

Written on the 2 July 2016 by Charles Allen

So which is the best autoresponder for internet marketers - GVO autoresponder or GetResponse autoresponder? Opinions differ widely on this, depending on who you talk to.

There are some internet marketers who have always used the Getresponse autoresponder for their e-mail marketing campaigns and cannot imagine life without it. And there are others who have made a lot of money from the GVO's affiliate program, and swear by its e-mail delivery rate.

Hopefully, this autoresponder review will help you choose between the two, as we find out which is the best autoresponder to meet your business needs, GVO/Pureleverage or GetResponse.

Email Deliverability

The term email deliverability is much talked about in internet marketing. So what does it mean, really? Basically, it means that when your emails are sent by an autoresponder, they are actually delivered to a subscriber's Inbox, and do not end up as Spam. If your autoresponder delivers emails directly to the Spam folder, then it's really no use to you. When it comes to email deliverability, GVO autoresponder is clearly the best autoresponder out there. Even the biggest admirers of GetResponse autoresponder don't think too highly about its email deliverability.


Okay, this is where GVO autoreponder is really, really good. In fact, there's nothing close to GVO when it comes to the pricing. How cheap is GVO? Well, they offer you a database that holds 5,000 subscribers for just $10/month and 10,000 for just $15/month. In comparison, GetResponse autoresponder charges $65/month for 5,000 subscribers and $110/month for 10,000. Clearly, this is no contest!

Extra Features

GetResponse autoresponder offers many extra features to justify its high price tag. It allows you to import lists of your subscribers without having to make them reconfirm their subscription - which saves time. GetResponse has several automation tools, such as a built-in survey system. And you can access tens of thousands of free images from GetResponse because of its deal with iStockPhoto.

Clearly, you don't get as many extra features with the GVO autoresponder as with GetResponse. But there are a few nifty features such as Eresponder Pro which allows you to send email to 10,000 subscribers, GVOConference, which helps with webinars and the Easy Video Producer which allows you to host your own videos. All for the price tag of $10/month - which is just amazing.

Email Flexibility

What does Email Flexibility mean? It simply means being free to email your subscribers at a time and in a manner of your choice, so that you are not limited by the autoresponder service in any way whatsoever. This means being free not to send emails that you don't want to, not emailing often, if you don't feel like it and not being asked by the autoresponder service to change certain emails. The biggest advantage with GVO autoresponder is that it never questions an email marketer's strategies and allows him full freedom to send just as many emails as he would like to and write anything he wants to - no questions asked. When it comes to email flexibility, GVO is clearly the best autoresponder in the business.

Design and Interface

Both GetResponse and GVO autoresponder have user friendly interfaces, that are easy to use and we don't find any complaints against either of them when it comes to this issue. GetResponse can be said to have a more sophisticated design in comparison.

Affiliate Program

GetResponse autoresponder offers a 33% commission every time you refer it to someone. You get as much as $135 for each person you refer GetResponse to or get a $30 GetResponse Credit - which is really quite decent of them.

GVO autoresponder has a great referral program too. They offer $100 for every 5 members you enroll in a week. For 25 referrals in a month, GVO offers commissions of up to 300%, which is incredible! There are people who make over $1000/month, just from GVO commissions.

So, which is the best autoresponder?

GVO autoresponder has better email deliverability, email flexibility and unbelievable price. GetResponse Autoresponder offers more extra features, has a better design and user interface. Both autoresponders have excellent affiliate programs, but arguably you can make more money with GVO/Pureleverage.

Chris Doe Ford - which autoresponder best meets your business needs, GVO/Pureleverage or GetResponse? I use both, but prefer GVO/PureLeverage for several reasons. To find out Why GVO/PureLeverage, please visit my website at

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