Be Brave. Take the Challenge

Written on the 19 April 2014 by Kirsten Lowis

Be Brave. Take the Challenge


Steve’s business is running like a dream. It is giving him everything he thought it would when he first started 5 years ago. He has customers lining up to do business with him because he is well known in the industry for being the best business to deal with and Steve’s customers are prepared to pay a little more to purchase from him, and they do.

Steve is making a great profit – he is the envy of his family and friends because he can buy what he wants, when he wants, because he has created a successful business. He meets with his Accountant monthly, and still works with his Business Coach and participates in strategic planning.

His team are full of enthusiasm and initiative. Each of them are highly motivated and they really love to exceed their customer’s expectations, even when Steve isn’t around. His team are loyal and they take care of his business as if it was their own – in fact, his team are so good that they can completely run the business for him – he trusts them. They know how he likes things to be run and they run it that way, even when he isn’t there.

So, Steve doesn’t have to be in the business putting in those long hours. He chooses to only work the normal 9 to 5 - that’s if he wants to work that long. He may only have to work one or two days a week now, because he can. Quality time with Steve’s family is his priority and work doesn’t take him away from that. He has the free time to play golf or escape with the family for holidays. He is also making enough money to dabble in the stock market, buy property and properly manage his investments.

How does this scenario stack up against yours? The simple truth is that most businesses are totally the opposite to Steve’s business.

In fact, most businesses frustrate the owner, and often send them broke both mentally and financially. Rather than liberating them, a business can present the owner with constant problems, like not having the knowledge, time, an effective team or enough money.

You may be one of those business owners, and you know you have to do something to change the cycle. You must improve your sales so that you can pay off the loans and to keep your head above the water, but your costs keep rising. This is all before you even consider paying yourself. And you also want to create systems and grow the value of your business so one day you can sell – not shut the doors, but there’s just no time.

Or what about difficulties with team members? I’m sure you have issues with them from time to time. Maybe your team members just don’t seem to have any initiative any more, we hear people say this all the time, “they lack motivation and drive.”

Perhaps you also can’t leave the business for a day, let alone a week or a month, because of the mess that you will have to clean up when you get back. So, you stay in the business working long days, and even weekends and it’s starting to affect your marriage and your relationship with your kids, and you’re becoming overweight and stressed.

When you have a business that does not create a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have time to focus on improving everything. All you seem to do is work. Instead of the business giving you a life like it is supposed to do, the business drains the life right out of you.

Remember, you went into business full of passion and wanting to make a difference, and yet after only a few short years or months, you start to feel stale and then you even start contemplating the worse thing of all … selling the business and getting a job. But you don’t know the first thing about selling your business, or what to sell it for – and if it can even be sold! You’re totally lost and need help.


Great news – help is on the way! 

We have announced the launch of a brand new product - the 90 Day Business Challenge which is designed specifically for the development of business owner-managers like yourself. This is not pie in the sky stuff that we’re offering. The program has been developed by experts in the fields of business Accounting, Law, Marketing, HR, Valuation and Sales. The process of continuing to learn about business through our practical and hands on 90 day program will help create the business you want for yourself – in fact, we believe that you will be so much better off on our program, that we guarantee results – the risk is all ours. We are business owners ourselves, and we know that there’s not enough practical help on learning how to buy, grow, value or sell small businesses in Australia.

Zoom in Business has become one of the most successful combined magazine and membership programs for the development of small business owner-managers. Now into our fifth year, we are launching into the 90 Day Business Challenge as a stand-alone program tailored to businesses in an easy but powerful format to steadily learn, be in control and have ongoing support throughout the 12 week membership.

All small and medium businesses are welcome join, and Zoom in Business is committed to being best value for small business with high performance, a comprehensive network with budget friendly program fees* (from just $49/wk).

The 90 Day Business Challenge works off a solid plan of online and offline activities, events, strategies and assessments, emailed to you in six (6) easy-to-implement lessons, all presented in a highly visual format including a printed workbook and series of webinars.

You’ll learn the most up-to-date, proven business strategies, tools, and tactics so you can speed up your business growth.

When you participate in the 90 Day Business Challenge, improvement is guaranteed!


How does the Challenge work?

We developed the content of the 90 Day Business Challenge around 6 key areas of a business. Using our case studies, activities and questions, you will develop your own growth strategy and action plan, with access to our templates and resource library. Over the 12 weeks, you and your Zoom in Business advisor will open the doors to our three key blocks of strategic thinking:

Within each of these blocks, we have a particular focus on six key areas:

The 90 Day Challenge is a modular program that allows you to continue to run your business while you participate. We will be running a program every 12 weeks involving workbook activities, daily tasks, six two-hour webinars and access to a business advisor. In between the modules, you will be working on developing your own 90 day strategy for your business and you will be making immediate improvements. Throughout the Challenge, you will be supported by an experienced Zoom in Business advisor who will work with you on a 1-1 basis, and within a small group, to ensure that you get the maximum value from your 90 Day Business Challenge experience. The final week of your challenge is Assessment Day, where you will present your strategy and plans to a panel made up of the Zoom in Business team and independent experts and advisors.

Best of all, the 90 Day Business Challenge was created for busy business ownermanagers like yourself, who often can’t afford expensive and time-consuming business training. The curriculum is designed
to help you grow your business in as little as 30 minutes a day!

The key outcomes that you will be expecting are:

  • Faster and more managed growth
  • A more valuable business
  • A robust and rigorous plan
  • More confidence, more focus, more energy
  • An exit or sell plan
  • Improved profitability
  • Greater clarity over personal goals and drivers
  • More effective leadership and improved management skills
  • Greater confidence in the future
  • More productivity and competitiveness
  • New marketing and promotion ideas
  • Less stress, more time off and more fun!

Our online business training can be the perfect way for busy business owners-managers to expand their knowledge, sharpen their skills and grow the value of their business. Plus, our online business training is easily accessible; if you have a postal address, computer and an Internet connection, you have access to the 90 Day Challenge.

According to a 2012 ABS survey, there are over two million small and medium (SME) sized enterprises in Australia across a wide variety of industries and with a wide range of annual turnover, representing 99.7 per cent of the nation’s actively trading businesses. The majority of these SME owners are already members of networking or industry groups, however Zoom in Business aims to take business membership even further and more valuable by creating a community for business’s to ‘be prepared for anything’.

The current Zoom in Business membership base are already engaged in the program and understand that the long and often bumpy road of business is much easier when you have an expert helping hand.

We recognise that small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy and we have created a market-changing program that teaches and rewards them.

If you’re a small business owner-manager who needs a jump start, log on now and join us in the next 90 Day Business Challenge at and learn how to buy, grow, value and sell your business.

Kirsten LowisAuthor:Kirsten Lowis
About: As the Founding Director of Zoom in Business – a subscription-based network and magazine, NQ Business Sales – a business sales firm based in North Queensland, and Bizrich – a business valuation firm, Kirsten has learnt from the trenches and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience and knowledge to our members. With over 13 years as a franchisee, retailer and start-up business owner, Kirsten has worked closely with fellow coaches, hundreds of clients and the best facilitators in Australia who have run their own business or have experience in running a business and teams. Kirsten’s extensive knowledge and experience as a Registered Business Valuer and Licenced Business Broker helps our readers and members improve awareness of the state of the market, understanding and confidence in buying, growing, valuing and selling their business, while connecting them with local and international news stories and experts to create a capable and dynamic business network.
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