Building Your Business? The 7 Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Hear

Written on the 8 October 2016 by Charles Allen

Are you building an internet business? Are you building an offline business? Are you building a traditional brick and mortar business? How about if you are building both, an online and an offline business? How about if you are building both simultaneously? Well, if you are building one or the other, or both, even at the same time, stay tuned. I will give you the 7 Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Hear. But first, some marketing suggestions.

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Suggestion #1 - Take advantage of your strengths. If you are building an online business, and you have an enormous social media following and boatloads of friends, then naturally you want them to know your business. You can do this in a very informative, non-sales type approach. Just remember, that if you provide content that solves someones problem, even your friends don't mind paying for it.

If you are building an offline business, and your strength is finances, then naturally you want to use this trait to your utmost advantage. For example, lets say you are in the restaurant business, and not the world's greatest cook to say the least. But you know the finances inside and out. Use your strength, but reach out to find that great cook or chef you need.

Suggestion #2 - Seek The Advice and Counsel of Others That Have Gone Before You. Whatever your business may be, offline or online, its very important to ask questions and seek the advice and guidance of others that have already done what you are doing. And they have done it successfully. Get Yourself a MENTOR. All successful people at one time or another have had a mentor.

Suggestion #3 - Be Flexible Along The Way. Whether your business is offline or online, you must be willing to adapt to ever changing economic and business conditions. For instance, millions of offline business' had to adapt to going online to maintain market share not too many years ago. The beginning of the internet revolution caused many offline business' to adapt to the new technology or perish. The 'ole saying 'Adapt or Die' still holds true today.

Along the way, the internet revolution also created new opportunities for the tech savvy. Hundred and thousands of millionaires were made during this online revolution during this time and are still being made today. The internet revolution is a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Suggestion #4 - Once you make the decision always Believe In Yourself. You see, every great business begins in someone's mind. Every great company begins as a single thought. Along with this thought comes Vision. A vision that is monogamous to the individual, powerful in its execution, and life-changing. Great Ideas come to people everyday. IIts the carrying out of the idea, or the execution, or the ACTION behind the idea that creates millionaires.

So, what are the 7 Most Powerful Words You Will Ever Hear in your business undertaking? DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T EVER GIVE UP...As spoken and made famous by my hero, the late Jimmy Valvano, head mens basketball coach at North Carolina State University.

We will all make mistakes along the way, but instead of quitting when it gets difficult, we never give up. We learn from our mistakes and move forward. DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T EVER GIVE UP.

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