Case Study Exercise - How Will You Use Your Jar Of Energy?

Written on the 17 October 2016 by Charles Allen

Assume at birth you were given a Mason Jar just for you that was full of mental energy. The question then becomes, 'How will you use it'? At birth, we are all blessed with certain God given gifts. But lets assume just for a moment that your Mason Jar is full of mental energy just for you. When that mental energy is gone, its gone forever.For example, every day we get to use our mental energy, whether engaged in study, reading, talking, reacting, using our emotions, you name it, we use up our energy rapidly. So lets take some rather common everyday occurrences and take a look a how we use our energy.

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Case #1 - In your daily commute to work in your vehicle, you are delayed by an accident for approximately one hour. How do you react?

Do you react by realizing that you are missing an important conference call? Do you react by realizing that you will be way behind on responding to those emails? Do you react by complaining that the traffic authorities aren't moving fast enough?

On the other hand do you react by realizing that the delay is totally out of your control and part of life? Do you react by taking that one hour delay and using it constructively? Do you react by catching up on something you have been putting off and should already have done?

Case #2 - You have an important work deadline that is due at 8am the next morning. Your son or daughter has a game or dance recital at 7pm the night before? How do you react?

Do you react by cursing the event planners by them not knowing your schedule? Do you miss the important game or dance recital? Do you react by justifying your job and income as support for the family?

On the other hand do you react by realizing the importance of that game or dance recital and finding a way to get your deadline met? Do you have enough faith in yourself that your deadline will be met regardless of events beyond your control?

Case #3 - Your boss asks you to make a presentation in favor of a project that you are totally against? How do you react?

Do you react in total disagreement with your boss and refusing to make the presentation because you are right? Do you react by quitting your job because you feel you are right? Do you react by making the presentation in a less than passionate way?

On the other hand do you react by doing your absolute best in making the presentation even though you disagree with the underlying principle? Do you react by zealously presenting your company's position ahead of your own?

The purpose of the case study is that you have two ways to look at every event or occurrence in your life. You can look at it from a positive standpoint or a negative standpoint. It's your decision how you will use your jar of energy. When your jar of energy is used positively, then positive reactions occur in your life. When used negatively, then negative reactions occur.

You see, whether you react positive or negative is totally within your control. You can't control the circumstances most of the time, but you can control how you react. Use your jar of energy wisely because when its all used up its gone forever.



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