Creating a Strong Brand

Written on the 4 June 2019 by Kirsten Lowis

Creating a Strong Brand


You want to sell your home.  Which Real Estate Agent do you call?

Your child needs braces.  Which Orthodontist do you choose?

The answer is usually the same in each case: the one who stands out the most, and earns your trust with their brand.  

If you are involved in marketing, you've heard the term "branding" but you probably couldn't define it.  We talk to Kellie Williams from Jasper Design about her take on Branding, and why it's so important to every small business.

"In my experience, very few people agree on what branding is, but they agree that it is important in building sales and profits", she said.

So what are brands and why are they important to you? "Brands make selling easier!  Plain and simple." But, as Kellie explains to us, before we try to understand what branding is, we need to understand what branding isn't. "From my 25 years of branding businesses, I've come to several conclusions", she says.  Here are Kellie's two top tips on branding, regardless of the size of the business:

1. A brand is NOT a logo, tagline, slogan, catchy saying, mission statement or publicity campaign.

2. A brand IS about gaining trust.  

"Consumers select a company because they trust them and the businesses have credibility. When you are travelling and need to grab a quick meal, do you stop at a local cafe, or do you follow the golden arches and pull in to the closest McDonalds because you know the fries are always going to be the same?" she asks.

The truth is, people all over the world trust McDonalds.  They will give up the chance for an innovative meal in favour of the trusted resource every time!

And that's because people buy on emotion and justify with logic. "I don't want to go to that cafe - the food will be crap and it will take a long time to order and we're in a hurry."

"Is it any wonder McDonalds is a multibillion-dollar enterprise?" Kellie said.

Do you need a lot of cash to create trust?

No way!  Yet hundreds of companies have blown through millions, even billion of dollars trying to build a brand image using media. It was publicly reported that a politician seeking a seat in the Australian Senate spent over $50 million dollars on his TV, billboard, print media and radio advertising campaign, without any success. 

What does this mean? "They didn't trust him", she said.

Buying your way to brand awareness does not work!

So, as a small business, you don't have to worry about not having a mountain of cash to buy your business a reputation.

How do you create a great brand?  "That's where brand assets come in to play," Kellie said.  "I call these 'assets' my branding tools as they include a miriad of images, taglines, slogans, ads, press releases, publicity, promotions, characters, ambassadors, as well as your delivery and sales people".  These tools help create a meaningful identity for your business that creates a compelling emotional bond with consumers while providing the logic that helps them buy.

"The Internet provides a treasure trove of tools to help create brand awareness, brand identity, and brand loyalty, including your e-mail address, website name, and signature file", she said.  "But, most importantly you need to design and transmit your own personality & identity to create trust".

In a nutshell, Kellie believes that when you build trust, you have a strong and lasting brand that will build sales and create customers for life!

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