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Written on the 21 July 2016 by Charles Allen

Do you have an amazing product but having trouble getting your emails opened? Are you having trouble getting other like-minded online marketers engaged in your offer? It can be frustrating at times. Every online marketer experiences this at one time or another. As we know, online marketing is a copy-cat world. That one idea can take you places you have never dreamed of.

To help you with getting your emails opened try these 7 magic power words in your subject lines. They helped me increase my email open-rate by over 20%. As a result, your list should grow much more rapidly.

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7 Magic Power Words

1. Because. This is a very powerful word. Why? Because we all want to know why. If you know the why, you can figure out the how. For example, this email subject line works well for me, "Because your education is priceless, this system....". Another example that works well is, "Because it saves valuable time, this program...". Are you starting to get the picture now? The word "Because" creates a mental image and answers a question to a problem. This word is very intriguing.

2. Now. This is one of my favorites. The word 'Now' is an action word. After all, if your potential subscriber does nothing and takes no action, your efforts are lost. I come from a sales background, and the word 'Now' creates that sense of urgency. Examples to use in your email marketing include, "Now, for a limited time, this free report....". Another example I like to use is, "For NOW, this system is available for...".

3. Imagine. When you use the word 'Imagine' in your subject lines a very powerful mind technique goes to work. This mind technique was taught to me by Jim Lutes, Quanta co-founder, and world reknown personal development expert. The word imagine takes the reader inside themselves and paints a mental picture. After all, sales is about painting pictures. For example, "Imagine yourself sitting on the beach and your product is being opened all around the world". Another example I like to use is, "Imagine receiving $97 payments over and over while you sleep". The word 'imagine' is very powerful.

4. Please. The word 'please' shows respect. When you were growing up, what was the one word magic your mother always made you say? That's right, PLEASE. For example, "Please take the time to read this free report, it will....". Another example I use is "When your email rates increase, please leave a comment....". The word please is very helpful in your open-rates.

5. Thank you. What usually happens when you open the door for an elder or a lady? They generally say thank you. What usually happens when you help another individual achieve an outcome? They generally say thank you. If you help another online marketer reach another step toward their desired outcome they will thank you. For example, I use this subject line, "You wallet will thank you for reading this free report". Another common example is, "Thank you for subscribing...".

6. A Person's Name (at end of subject line). Everyone likes to be called by their first name. Even in your email autoresponder greeting, always use first name(i.e. - Hi Chris). Subject line examples include, "Imagine sitting on the beach Chris". Or "Did you get your free report Chris?". Everyone likes to be called by name. Use first names at the end of your subject line for a higher open-rate.

7. Use Control Words. Using control words such as, "You have to decide now...". Or You're in control here, not me...". Or, to combine 3 magic power words in one subject line, "You have to decide NOW, CHRIS". You have used control words combined with the word now, combined with the person's name at the end of the subject line. 3 in 1 should get'er done.

Start experimenting using these 7 magic power words and watch your open-rates increase.

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