How to Buy Insurance for Your Internet Business

Written on the 17 August 2016 by Kirsten Lowis

How to Buy Insurance for Your Internet Business

Did you know you can buy Insurance in order to insure success for your internet marketing business? That's right. We've all puchased insurance for other traditional items, like auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, even umbrella insurnace to protect us if our traditional insurance is inadequate.

How about insurance for success of your internet business? Well, I don't know of a company that offers that type of insurance per se as we know the traditional types of insurance. What is insurance anyway? Insurance is simply funds provided to the insured (you) in the event of a catastrophe, an accident, or death. What could the catastrophe be for your internet business? That's right, you guessed it, no money, no sponsors, no sales, no downline, etc., etc.

3 Steps to Buy Insurance for your Internet Business

Step 1 - Make a firm decision

After all, YOU are the insurance for your business. Have you made a firm decision that your online business will succeed no matter what? I know and have seen lots of 'wanna be' internet marketers come and go. I'm assuming they simply wanted to try it out for awhile. You see, the difference in any business, whether online of offline is makeing a firm decision to overcome any and all obstacles as they present themselves. And believe me, the obstacles will definitely present themselves.

Step 2 - Make a definite plan

Internet marketing isn't the easiest business on the planet. The majority of newbies have one thing in common. They fail to plan. Simply saying "I'm gonna make some money" isn't a plan. When was the last time you visited a McDonald's fast food restaurant? Do you think they have a plan? Their food is well, their food. But their details are amazing. They can take any 'Tom, Dick or Harold' off the street so to speak, plug them in with a little training and instruction, and never miss a beat.

Learn from McDonald's and create a defined business plan for your business. A good place to start is deciding where you would like to end up. Then, work backwards from there. For instance, what steps do you have to take? What marketing methods will you employ? How much, if any, will you invest? How much money do you wanna make? How will you make it?

Step 3 - Find a Mentor

Every great business person learned his trade from another. Maybe not everything, but you can insure faster and greater success by learning from others. There are several great internet companies out there today. There are also some that are less than desirable. If you find an internet marketing company that provides great products, great tools, great support, and most of all, great training, I would suggest getting involved with that company.

Finding a mentor to me means finding a company that offers live webinar training (with recorded training available) in every area of your internet business. This includes using the products and tools, and tips and techniques to promote your business. You see, an internet marketing degree is available only from S.O.H.N. That is, the School of Hard Knocks. Be wise, follow your mentor



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