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Written on the 9 August 2016 by Charles Allen

What is PLR? PLR stands for private label rights. Basically its a 'license' to resell another's 'information product'. With the master resell rights that generally come with PLR, that product can be tweaked, changed or modified as you see fit. You are given the authority with PLR to brand that product as your very own.

With master resell rights, you are given the authority to do the following: give the material away unaltered, combine the material with others, give the material away as a bonus item, use the material as content for websites, divide the product into separate articles, put the rights for the material or the material itself up for auction, provide the material as content for paid membership sites, sell resell rights for the material, change or alter the material.

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PLR vs Private Resell Rights

The difference between private label rights and private resell rights is that with PLR you are given the right to change or alter the product, create your own specifications, apply modifications and make it your own. With private resell rights you have the right to resell the product as is, without changing its form, design or name.

The Advantages of PLR

1 - Cost efficient. Obtaining PLR articles is a lot less expensive than hiring someone to write for you. Article writing is generally $15-20 per article, whereas PLR articles can be obtained for approximately $20-$30 for 200 or so articles.

2 - Saves time. Obviously, with the content already provided, the modifications and personal branding saves considerable time over producing the same original content from scratch.

3 - No outbound links. With PLR articles, you are not obligated to add 'outbound links' advertising to your article.

4 - Brand you own name. With the content advertised and authored by you, you instantly build credibility with your list.

5 - Well Written by experts. Almost all "private label rights" articles are professionally written and compiled or collected with the most up-to-date research, investigation and information done by experienced writers.

6 - Editorial Freedom. PLR rights allow you to change, alter or modify the material without permission from the writer. This is especially useful for optimizing your website for search engines since you can enrich the content with keyword phrases to improve your rankings in SERP's.

Ways to profit from PLR

1 - Compile a report or list. When you change, alter or modify the report and brand it as your own, you can give away the report for free to build your list, sell the product as your own, or use it as content for your website.

2 - Create E-Books. It's very to take a set of articles and produce your very own e-book. As your very own branded e-book, you can repackage and sell yourself.

3 - Sell or offer PLR branded content with resell rights. Just like you, there are people who are looking for material they can use for their own promotion needs.

As you can see, using PLR articles is not only effective in producing high quality content but is also very cost and time efficient. With cost and time savings, you can focus on running your online business.



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