Is Your Business Website a Deterrent to Sales?

Written on the 7 August 2016 by Charles Allen

Is your business website user friendly? Does your website scare away potential customers? Is your business website a deterrent to sales? As a business owner, do you skimp on the budget when it comes to your online business?

I have a colleague that is a general manager of a prestiged automobile business. I'm not gonna give too much detail on him, he may be reading this. However, what I'm about to tell you I would tell him (he already knows). This particular person is great in many areas of the business. As general manager, you have responsibilities in several areas including parts, service, and sales. He is great in 2 of those areas. Can you guess which area he is not so great?

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That's right, sales. You see, I consider myself a sales expert. Whether I'm an expert or not doesn't really matter. What matters is that I think I'm an expert. (Kinda like Tiger Woods with a less than stellar golf game thinking he's gonna win no matter what when he hasn't got a chance these days, especially when he's injured).

Back to my friend. If you don't have a background in professional sales, then you may have a condescinding attitude toward sales. My friend is like this. I consider him a deterrent to sales. Here's why. There is a huge difference between a professional salesperson and a salesperson. What is that difference? The customer.

A professional salesperson always has the customer's best interests at heart. You are not a salesperson but you are a problem solver. If you happen to get paid handsomely for solving that customer's business problem, so be it. There's nothing wrong with that. A salesperson on the other hand has a commission at heart. Very self-serving, short-term and unprofessional, in my opinion.

The same holds true for your business website. Here are 3 fundamental tips to make your site more customer friendly.

1 - Keep it simple. When your potential customers visit your site are they immediately confused? Is your site hard to understand? Do you know what message your website is sending? Here's a prime example and why I'm writing this article. Recently I had a plumbing emergency. As we all know, when you have an emergency you seek out the utmost professional. So what did I do? I immediately went online, did a google search and came upon a local plumber.

I visited the site, and guess what I couldn't find? That's right, no phone number. I was shocked. This example may be somewhat dramatic, but a loss of business nonetheless. Your business website should include all the basics, physical address and contact and emergency contact phone number, and be easy to navigate.

2 - Free promo offers. Every sales industry offers free promotional offers. Offers like discount coupons, $1 trials, money back guarantees, first month free, etc. Try before you buy is critical.

3 - Build an email list. If you provide an irresistible offer, with an email address optin form for follow email campaigns via autoresponder, you will create a customer base for life. With timely email follow-up messages to these potential customers, your relationship with these potential customers will grow and grow.

Don't be a deterrent to sales. Your business website should be simple, take advantage of free offers and build an email list. Your bottom line will thank you.

Chris Doe Ford - is your business website a deterrent to sales? Please visit my site at and leave a comment if it's a sales deterrent or not.

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