Is Your Internet Business a HABIT? or a HOBBY?

Written on the 8 August 2016 by Charles Allen

When you hear the word HABIT does a negative connotation come to mind? For most people YES. How about for you? The future of your internet business will depend on your day to day habits. Are your treating your business like a business? or more like a hobby?

So, how do you define HABIT? A dear friend of mine recently sent me an excerpt that is the best description of habit that I have ever heard. It goes like this.

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I am your greatest burden or your greatest asset because I am your constant companion. I will push you forward or drag you down.

I am completely at your command. Half the things you do you may as well just turn over to me and I will do them quickly and quietly.

I am easily managed with firm direction. Show me exactly what you want done, and I will do them automatically without you having to think about it

I am your servant and the servant of all great men and women. Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures.

I am very powerful both positively and negatively, so use me wisely. I am not a machine, although I work more efficently than any machine when operated properly.

You may operate me for profit or operate me for loss, it makes no difference to me. Be easy and lackadasical with me and I will destroy you. Who am I? I am HABIT.

That excerpt made a huge difference on me and my internet business. You see, the tendency for most internet marketers, especially if your part-time, is that the business will take care of itself when it takes care of itself. Well I beg to differ.

Your internet business will take care of nothing. You are your internet business. So let me ask you, "Are your habits moving you and your business closer to where you want to be or farther away? I believe you are only going in one of two directions, forward or backward.

If you are not yet full-time in your business and work a 9 to 5 job elsewhere, how much time daily do you spend on your business? I'm not here to judge anyone. I hope everyone is successful in whatever they pursue. However, below is a great example of a new positive daily routine anyone can use to futher their daily business.

Spend the first 30 minutes of your morning each day to futher your business. Examples include:

1 - Write an article, submit that article to article directories with your business link.

2 - Add one message per day to your autoresponder list.

3 - Update your email signature file.

4 - Submit an email ad to 5 safelist directories promoting your business by offering free downloads, free software, etc. and building your list.

5 - Be organized and when you reach your 30 minute timeline, stop.

You should be able to complete those daily tasks within 30 minutes. It may take a short while to get that timeline to 30 minutes, but eventually if will be automatic and part of your normal daily routine.



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