Juggling Family and Career

Written on the 10 April 2019 by Kellie Williams

Juggling Family and Career

Kirsten Lowis and Chenoa Daniel bring passion to their demanding roles as Business Brokers. Kirsten has been involved in publishing, business broking and consulting, whilst Chenoa is a former choreographer, dancer and business consultant. Despite their different career paths, they have formed a formidable double act in this traditionally male-dominated industry.  Recently becoming a first-time mum, Chenoa loves working in a role that blends work-from-home flexibility, complex negotiations and the excitement of closing deals. Chenoa alone has settled in excess of $34 million in sales in just 12 months, a remarkable achievement for a relatively new broker operating in challenging economic times.

"I love all things business!" Kirsten said.  From a young age, she tells how she always had her nose buried in books and played with calculators and money. "My parents taught me that you can't build a reputation on what you are going to do, so I was a profound do-er." she said. Over her career in business, Kirsten has successfully started, sold and operated several of her own businesses and represented the sale of hundreds of other businesses in North Queensland, including launching Townsville's first business magazine (Zoom in Business) and starting her own business broking firm in Townsville (Bizrich, NQ Business Sales) which she sold in 2015.  After some time off, she "continued travelling, writing and delivering the "Let's Talk Business" program to local businesses". 

As a former choreographer and dancer, Chenoa has always had high-energy and approached her life like a dance routine. "Great dancers aren't great because of their technique, but because of their passion" she said. "You either go in blind and give it a red-hot go, or you practice until you become a pro. I'm a natural go-getter and like to challenge myself, so after a few years into running the family business in Cairns, I started my own consultancy and relief management business, specialising in management rights." Before long, Chenoa soon became the 'fix it' girl, and continued to consult, before becoming a broker.  "I've always believed that the harder you work for something, the greater you'll feel when you achieve it. I absolutely love mixing my work with the tropical lifestyle in Far North Queensland and as a new mum, I realise how fortunate I am to have chosen a career that I am passionate about which allows me to work from home."

"It's quite a remarkable coincidence that Chenoa and I both started selling businesses at the age of 27. I had a 5-year-old when I started, and Chenoa is having her first baby just now." Kirsten said.   In our experience, it's not often that a female with young children would take on such a challenging commission-based sales role, however this duo seem to have an innate calling for this type of work. "I hustled for the first 10 years in this industry as not only a female, but also as a business owner and highest performing sales person in the region. I learned how to respect my time, and I apply an organised and disciplined style to my work. After some ups and downs, I have learned that life is a gift, and I need to take care of it, so I take time out regularly with my daughter and constantly read books and learn new ways improve my language and understanding of human behaviour and all things business. I've been waiting my whole career to find a like-minded, hard working woman like Chenoa to join me in this industry and show that women who are mothers can also have a high-flying career in business broking." Kirsten said.

"As the youngest female working in the industry nationally, I can really see things differently" Chenoa said. With the accommodation industry ever-changing and evolving, Chenoa explained how buyers are more connected and informed than ever, making them much savvier.  "Kirsten and I are both passionate, strong and independent women and we intend on taking the industry to the next level by the way we present ourselves, the way we approach the marketing of our product, and the way we not just sell, but educate and empower buyers in the process." 

Originally published by Tropic Now

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