Online Marketing - 3 Fundamentals For Beginners

Written on the 19 July 2016 by Charles Allen

Are you new to internet marketing? Are you new to network marketing? Are you new to making money from home online? If so, listen up. Making money online from home can be very overwhelming. Especially without any direction or a mentor to guide you.

When I first began my quest to make money online back in 2007, my head was spinning. I was bombarded with opportunites, business proposals, pitches, etc. I wasn't sure quite where to begin. But after a while, your education begins to unfold and you kinda figure it out and get focused on one particular business.

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Based on my experience and to give you some type of guidance, in my opinion there are 3 fundamental areas you must have expertise in to succeed online. You don't necessarily have to be an expert in all three areas, but it sure does help. Mastering one area can generate a significant online income from home.

1. Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply a program that you join as an affiliate to promote someone else's product and/or opportunity. From an internet marketing standpoint, affiliate marketing is a great starting point. Generally, as an affiliate, you are provided you very own custom website. In addition, the better affiliate opportunites have ample training videos to help you succeed. The top programs also have live webinar training as well as recorded webinar training.

As an affiliate you are simply paid a commission to promote the product and/or opportunity. Learning internet marketing as an affiliate is a great education. It's even better if your group is a very close family. You will get to know your associates very well. I would suggest you interact as much as possible and learn as much as possible from your team.

2. Building your very own website and/or product from scratch. This may sound very imtimidating at first, especially if you have no 'techie' skills. When I first began in 2007, my technical skills were lacking as well. Relax, it's not that difficult. The internet jargon is simply new to you. You will learn to master it soon. Just take it a day at a time.

Building your website is basically 5 simple steps. Once you have complete this process a few times, you can have your very own custom designed website that you created from scratch up and running in 15 minutes or less. Keep in mind, the first couple of times it may take you much longer. Kinda like riding a bike, once you got it you got it forever.

3. Traffic and Advertising. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or whether you have your very own website, one thing remains common for both. You must have traffic. You must advertise. Generating traffic via advertising is an ongoing, never ending journey. There are numerous new traffic vehicles popping up every day. There are free traffic methods and paid traffic methods. Most top marketers use a combination of both.

As an affiliate, your affiliate program should provide traffic and advertising solutions in order to get visitors to your website for you to grow your business. As a sponsor, the number one goal should be the success of new marketers. After all, if a new marketer can't succeed, the program cannot grow.

If you become an expert in an affiliate program or as a website owner, and master traffic and advertising, you will succeed online.

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