Quanta Fusion Review - 3 Keys To Improving Your Self Image

Written on the 11 October 2016 by Charles Allen

Within the Quanta Fusion Program, Quanta co-founder Jim Lutes the reveals 3 keys to improving your self image. The Quanta Fusion Program combines Jim Lutes Mind Masterpiece program with co-founder Jim Britt's Power of Letting Go Program.

Your self-image is defined by 'Webster's' dictionary as 'the way you think about yourself and your abilities or appearance'. Do you think your self-image is important? Do you think your self-image has a direct connection to your life? Your business? Your relationships? Your finances?

Remember the 8 rules of the subconscious mind we previously discussed? Rule #2 says 'What is expected tends to be realized.' Are you expecting great things? Are your expecting to be successful? Are you expecting to fail? Your self-image is key in your life.

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3 keys to improving your self-image

1 - Confidence - To improve your confidence the first rule is you have to improve your posture. How do you carry yourself? How do you present yourself? How do you stand? How is your voice tone when you speak? How is your eye contact? A confident person has excellent eye contact when speaking to you. This can be practiced.

Voice tonality is also very important in a confident person. I remember the very first group talk or speech I had to give. Man was I nervous. I had to practice my voice tonality a lot since then. Your voice tonality is a representation of who you are on the inside.

Your posture, your eye contact and your voice tonality are tangible qualities that can be improved.

2 - Conviction - Your conviction is also defined as your certainty. How certain you are about you? How certain you are about your life? How certain you are about your job? Your business? Your finances? Your religion? Your relationships?

You see they are all tied together. Your confidence affects your conviction and your certainty, which affects your self-image, etc. etc.

3 - Charisma - Having charisma is an intangible quality that can also be developed. Have you ever been in a room or listened to a speaker that totally captivated the audience? That person has charisma. A certain amount of charisma you may be born with. But, charisma is also a learned, practiced trait that can be developed.

In order to effectively exhibit charisma, you have to be 'in the present moment'. Within Quanta Fusion, Jim Lutes teaches you to fully develop your charisma. The principle is that you take where you are 'in that moment' and expand it to intersect with others and their personal space.

This is done in the beginning by imagining you are a dot on a page. This dot reprensents your 'personal space' or your 'personal energy field'. Then you widen the circumference of that dot until you engulf the entire room. This takes practice. These are part of the daily teaching and training within Quanta Fusion.

Your self-image can be developed. When you improve your confidence, your conviction and your charisma, your self-image will improve.

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