Quanta Mentor Moment - Do You Have PIECE OF MIND? 10 Steps To Obtain It

Written on the 5 September 2016 by Charles Allen

Do you have 'piece of mind' in your life? If not, don't worry, most people don't. Here are 10 Steps to take to have greater piece of mind.

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1 - Let Go of Comparing - there will always be someone with less or more than you have. There will always be someone with less money or more money, less personality or more personality, etc. Just because someone has more than you doesn't make them more than you. Comparing yourself to others can make you feel less than what others are. Compare yourself not with others but with the you yesterday.

2 - Let Go of Competing - You don't have to be 'THE BEST', just do 'YOUR BEST'. This way everyone wins.

3 - Let Go of Judgments - When you judge someone you actually take on their issue. After all, its so much easier to promote what you love than to bash what you hate.

4 - Let Go of Anger - As Quanta co-founder Jim Britt states, "Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die from it." After all, no one wins in an argument. You don't have to be right all the time and make the other person wrong. Blaming someone else for you own misery only keeps you stuck and feeling like a victim. You can choose emotional well-being even in the midst of a storm in your life.

5 - Let Go of Regrets - Regretting what happened in the past is a waste of vital energy. After all, you can't change what has already happened. Simply learn from it and move forward, living in the moment. The past doesn't live here anymore unless you allow it in.

6 - Let Go of Worry - There is absolutely no sanity in worry. Why worry about something that hasn't happened yet. Be prepared as best you can for the moment or things to come, and deal with them as they come, but don't fret over what may come.

7 - Let Go of Blame - Blaming is the ultimate need to control drama. 'WHEN YOU NEED CONTROL, YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL'. We blame to keep from taking responsibilty for our own actions and our own results that we produce.

8 - Let Go of Guilt - Guilt will keep you chained to the past. Letting Go of guilt will give you true freedom. Freedom is the only condition for happiness. You have to be free to be happy. Guilt is about self-forgiveness and not about the other person.

9 - Let Go of Fear - Fear is the ultimate destroyer. Fear is simply a made up story about a past event that hasn't happened yet. Anything that isn't loving about yourself is based in fear. All of the above, including guilt, blame, worry, regrets, anger, judgments, competing, and comparing are based in fear. After all, fear is simply taking a past experience, projecting it into the future with the anticipation of it happening again and re-experiencing it in the present. Fear comes from within. The good news is that fear is a made-up story. Fear doesn't hang on to you, you hang on to fear. You can let it go.

10 - Have a Good Laugh at Yourself - Don't take yourself too seriously. When you are aware of any of the above happening within you, step back and laugh at how absurd you are being. Laugh it off and let it go.



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