Quanta Review - How Do You Value Your Self-Worth?

Written on the 7 September 2016 by Charles Allen

How do you value your self-worth? This is a very tough question and not so easy to understand, huh? What I mean is do you focus more on what you already have or more on what you don't have? This focus goes a long way in determining how you value your self-worth.

You see, the way our mind works is we move toward what we focus on (according to the 8 rules of the subconscious mind). With one of the most important subconscious mind rules being "What's expected tends to be realized". So, I ask again, 'Do you focus on your lack or what you don't have, or more on what you do have'?

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So, if you focus on your lack what do you think you will create? You guessed it, more lack. What we focus on is what we create. If you focus on what you don't have, you will create more of what you don't have. The point is, the focus on lack or what you don't have will bring you weakness and insecurity. Focusing on lack will bring you down.

Ok, so if you don't have what you want currently, how do you obtain millions (if that's your goal). It all starts by valuing where you are and who you are currently. You value your situation as it exists right now, and who you are as a person right now, and moving toward what you want to have and who you want to become.

The #1 secret to creating wealth (if that's your goal) is to value your self. In other words, you value your current situation, staying focused on where you want to go and placing no one above you. In your mind, you stand face to face on an equal level with everyone. You value your own life as it exists currently where you are today because you continually put forth your best. You put forth the very best you know how to do.

When you value yourself and always put forth your very best your value to others increases. When your value to others increases a funny thing happens. You guessed it, as your value to others increases your income increases accordingly. When you value yourself, you create a very powerful and effective presence that is attractive to others. When this happens, other people will want to hitch their wagon to yours.

By developing and projecting an attitude of self-worth, the mind immediately eliminates any financial struggles. You see, when you focus on where you want to go, you have to let go of the lack. This is another rule of the subconscious mind which states, "The subconscious mind cannot hold two opposing thoughts at one and the same time".

Take a look at all the things that make your insecure. Then simply let go of those things you cannot control, and focus on where you want to go and what you want to have. When you feel secure and content about where you are and let go of the insecurities, you will see a shift toward what you are focused on. In other words, you will move in the direction of your focus. That is another simple a rule of the subconscious mind (we create more of what we are focused on) and has been practiced for hundreds of years by the super wealthy.

In summary, learn to let go of your insecuties or what's holding you back from where you want to go and then focus on where you want to go. Amazing things will begin to happen.

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