Split-Testing And Facebook Marketing Tips From A 10 Year Old Kid

Written on the 19 October 2018 by Charles Allen

When I was a kid growing up in rural Mississippi there was one thing that was always a constant, especially in the summer. HEAT! Boy did it get hot down there. Not only hot, but with a wet heat. In rural Mississippi 100% humidity was a norm.

With the natural element of heat, being a curious kid looking for a way to make a buck, I set off to cash in on thirst. Everybody gets thirsty right? So wahla, my lemonade stand was born.

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I still remember the first day in business as a 10 year old kid. I pulled mom's lemonade from the refrigerator and off I went. I grabbed a small table and two chairs and proceeded to the nearest corner intersection. However, after the first 6 hours in business only 1 customer. So I went home defeated after collecting only a measly 25 cents. My mom consoled me, then asked why I didn't bring the ice. Wahla, tomorrow would be a great day when I bring the ice. Without it, that lemonade gets warm fast in Mississippi.

On day 2, things got a little better. 6 hours in the sun and 8 sales. I was hooked forever. The coolest of any liquid with ice produced a few customers. On day 3, I got a little more business savvy witht bigger cups, added a little more ice, kept using the same amount or maybe even less lemonade product, and made 12 sales. Now I was in forever. An entrepreneur was born.

A few more tweaks along the way, a little more sugar (even tried artificial sugar), a different brand of lemonade and I was averaging over 20 sales per day. The artificial sugar was not a big hit with my southern folks. They like it sweet and natural.

So, what does a lemonade stand have to do with split-testing and facebook ads? I use those same lessons I learned as a curious kid selling lemonade today in my online business. As a business owner we are always looking to create a product that meets demand and at the same time produce the most profit right?

With my facebook ads (I currently average about 1-2 cents per click) I always use two different images when I place an ad. I test those two images for a day or two and see which one performs the best. The one that works the best is scaled up from $5 per day to $10 per day and I eliminate the one that didn't get as many clicks. I use that image exclusively for a while, then try to find something better that converts higher.

I remember that lessons I learned as a 10 year old kid selling lemonade. There is always a better way.



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