Suffering From Lack Of Money? 4 Steps To Change Your Money Mindset

Written on the 28 September 2016 by Charles Allen

Most people a tendency to shy away from addressing the MONEY issue? Why do most people shy away from talking about money? Usually because they suffer from a LACK OF MONEY. Kind of like you being reluctant to check your bank account when there is not much money in there right? We all do it.

So, the issue then becomes, not MONEY itself but a lack of money that the individual is dealing with. You see, having a lack in any area, whether it be a lack of money, or lack of time, or lack of friends, or a lack of quality co-workers, or whatever, creates a mindset that focuses on the LACK.

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You see, if you mindset focuses on the LACK of something, whatever the lack may be, then according to the 8 RULES OF THE SUBSCONSCIOUS MIND, then the mind moves you in the direction of your focus. So, focusing on the LACK OF MONEY creates more LACK OF MONEY.

That's great Chris, you may ask. So how do we change this mindset of focusing on the lack? First of all, understanding that your mindset about money is made up of 4 things, your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, and the decision you make about money controls your mindset.

4 Steps to change your money mindset are detailed below.

Step 1 - Make A Firm Decision. If you desire more money, then the first thing you must do is make a firm decision that you will have more money. If you desire to be wealthy, then you must make a firm decision that you will be wealthy. Keep in mind that money or wealth to one person usually has a totally different meaning to money or wealth to another. But, what will always remain a constant is the Firm Decision to have more and create a change in your current circumstances. When you make a firm decision there is no looking back.

Step 2 - Understand the 8 Rules of The Subconscious Mind. Understanding how the mind works is crucial to your success. After all your current circumstances are a direct reflection of what goes through your head. Your thoughts control your actions. So lets get a better understanding of how your subconscious mind works. One of the most important rules of the subconscious mind states that 'What is expected tends to be realized'. So now we are back to step 1 and focused on the lack.

Step 3 - Understand Why you want to make a change. You see, if you understand why you want more money or why you want more wealth, the brain will figure out how to obtain it. For instance, if you want more money so you can spend more time with your children, then your brain will figure out how this can be done, assuming you made the firm decision in step 1 above. Once you understand why you have made the firm decision to have more, your actions will support you. After all, its your actions that will get you where you want to go.

Step 4 - Let Go of What's Holding You Back. Most people know they need to break a bad habit or end a bad relationships or whatever the case may be that's keeping you from where you want to go. Don't ignore it. Let Go and move forward.

Once you have the proper mindset, your results are predictable and can be measured like a calculator.



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