The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Written on the 12 August 2016 by Charles Allen

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective, low-cost, and powerful ways of making money online. Most affiliate marketing programs are fairly simple to join, have a turn-key website already setup for you and pay a commission on a regular basis. As a result, the masses are beginning to flock to this method of making money online.

However, just like any other business, online or offline, there are pitfalls to affiliate marketing. Committing these 3 common mistakes will cost you dearly. It is much better to avoid them in the beginning than be regretful in the end.

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Mistake No. 1 - Choosing the Wrong Affiliate Program

Here is how the process generally plays out. A 'newbie' is surfing the internet, thinking of making extra money somehow online, and sees a nice looking advertisement, clicks the link, is directed to the sales page and they get excited and immediately sign up. There is nothing wrong with that, but here is the problem. Most people want to make money as fast as possible, and in their rush to not miss out, they choose a 'bandwagon' product.

A 'bandwagon' product is one that is promoted as being hot and in high demand and being joined by the masses. However, this product usually does not actually appeal to the customer or the affiliate. That customer or affiliate is YOU. Joining the bandwagon product obviously would not be a wise movey.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon if the product is not appealing to you, choose a top product that you are generally interested in and does actually appeal to you. If the product is appealing, do some research on the company and its founders. If you are truly passionate about the product, the company, and its leaders your affiliate business will be much easier.

Mistake No. 2 - Not Being Focused on your Affiliate Program.

You see, one of the most common mistakes new affiliate marketers make is becoming distracted with all the programs available on the internet today. Most new marketers will join several programs, try them all on for size so to speak, not make any money on any of them, then call it quits.

The best approach is to take one affiliate program at a time and master that program. Do not get distracted, but work that program until you are satisfied with the income being generated. At that time, if you want to branch out into another program then by all means do so.

The key is to stay focused and master one at a time. You may even make that one program your full-time income. Don't branch out too soon. You can become an expert in that one affiliate program and never branch out. It's up to you, just stay focused.

Mistake No. 3 - Not owning the Product or using the Service.

This is another huge mistake. Make sure that if you promote a product or service that you actually use that product and benefit from it. Longevity in online marketing will come from your customers or downline being able to know, like and trust you. Your credibility is paramount.

Remember, that if you lose credibility you may never get it back. It will be greatly diminished if you don't do as you expect your customers to do. Someone's always watching. Especially your downline. Being able to offer tips and techniques to help others is the key to surviving online. Become a master of your product or service before your recommend it to others



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