The 5 Marketing Tools Every Online Marketer Needs

Written on the 24 July 2016 by Charles Allen

Every day there seems to be some new, hottest, can't do without marketing tool that hits the web. Sometimes I feel like my head is about to explode with all the new tools, systems, and services guaranteed to make you a fortune. That 'magic tool' promising millions of visitors to your website and millions in your bank account, effortlessly, does not exist.

Success online begins with the fundamentals. These 5 marketing tools are a necessity for any online marketer. These 5 tools, however necessary, do not replace the one ingredient every online marketer must possess, hard work.

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1. Web hosting. If you have a domain name, that domain name needs a home. Your domain's home is called a hosting account, or domain hosting. The hosting account is where your domain lives. Hosting companies range anywhere from free to over $500 per month for dedicated hosting. The key is finding a company that provides 99% uptime and 24/7 support to handle any problems you may encounter. Hosting for your dedicated domain name and website is mandatory.

2. Auto responder. In exchange for the customers email, the marketer provides something of value. The higher the perceived value of your 'irresistible offer', the higher the opt-in rate. An opt-in rate is the ratio of people visiting your site and actually providing their email address for your offer. Once the customer has opted-in, the auto responder will provide pre-written messages delivered at pre-determined dates and times to that customer. Auto responders range in price from approximately $20 monthly up to several hundred monthly depending on the number of subscribers on your list.

3. Video Hosting. The internet these days is all about video. The new VSL, video sales funnels, are really hot. The power of video in creating that know, like and trust is a lot more powerful than mere words on your site. We've all heard of YouTube. But due to pranksters, jokers, and music videos, top marketers host their videos on paid services.

4. Live Webinar conferencing. I'm old school. The most powerful way to sale anything is face to face. However, because the internet marketplace reaches worldwide, the next best thing is webcasting. You can sit in the comfort of home and present to people all over the world. Presenting video overviews, product demonstrations, and live question and answer sessions are all possible with webcasting. Typical companies charge anywhere from $49 per month to $99 per month and more.

5. Website Builder with Lead Capture Pages and Prospecting System. More than 95% of internet marketers don't have the time, skill, or the expertise to create their own website and lead capture pages. Trying to learn website design and html code is not high on most priority list. Creating the website with lead capture pages and a prospecting system is also very time consuming. That's where website builders come in. You simply customize your pages with various templates that include your very own video, your product information, your auto responder and you're done.

These 5 marketing tools, web hosting, auto responder, video hosting, webinar conferencing, and website builder with lead capture pages and prospecting system are fundamental to online marketing.



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