The Big Benefits of Internet Blog Marketing

Written on the 21 April 2016 by Charles Allen

Many business owners undervalue the potential of a good internet marketing strategy. They fall into misconceptions about the overall value of business marketing on a blogging format. The truth is business owners who blog frequently drive more traffic and make more sales than those who don't.

Blogs are cheap, often free marketing sources that are overlooked and underestimated by many business owners.

Blogs are a low cost marketing channel that is easy to maintain and can be easily built into any website. Internet marketing via a blog offers a special kind of brand awareness that is hard to achieve by other means.

Some Key benefits of Internet blog marketing include:

Personal Touch and Enhanced Company Persona

Blogging can give your customers a personal view into your company and your product. Often business owners don't realize how a well written blog post can build an avenue to reach potential clients and establish a consistent network of return clients.

Enriched Customer Interaction

Giving your customers a voice further suggests you're a company that cares about their feedback. It's an established and proven way to get to know your clients by engaging with them in the comments section. Many potential clients are captured with interaction. By handling complaints, openly responding to praise and having general conversations you create that personal touch.

Enhanced Visibility

Blog marketing keeps you visible and fresh in people's mind. Visibility helps keep your company fresh in the minds of clients so when they need your products or services they are more likely to remember your business.

Increased Product Exposure

Who doesn't want product exposure? This is a 'win win' situation offering enhanced mainstream visibility for your services and products. Educating the public about your offerings gives them perspective and is a great way to expose new products and services.

Content is King

We've all heard this before right? If the internet has taught us anything, this fact is truer than most. Internet marketing with a blog is prime for getting daily views of your products and services. A well written blog post with targeted SEO key words is the ideal way to market your products.

Demographic Targeting

A perfect example of powerful internet marketing is using your product as a niche to help execute a more demographic outreach. A blog can help you target a specialized market. Research can go a long way by focusing blog posts to reach certain key demographics.

Authority Building

Blogging helps with establishing yourself as an authority in your chosen market by branding your business and your blog. Authority building is all about reputation management and a blog is a great way to show your knowledge and understanding.

A study conducted by the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth showed that Fortune 500 companies are actively blogging on a regular basis and this number continues to grow.

Internet marketing is the best strategy to success. Can your company afford not to have a blog?



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