The Feedback Loop - These 4 Ingredients Control Your Life

Written on the 11 September 2016 by Charles Allen

Have you ever been in such a good way that everything you touched seemed to turn to gold? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, everything you touched seemed to turn to ashes? Welcome to The Feedback Loop. These same 4 ingredients can take you on a wonderful journey upwards or send you reeling down into destruction.

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The Feedback Loop - 4 Ingredients

1 - Make A Decision

This very first step in your upward or downward journey is your decision. Have you ever made a decision to lose weight? Or how about to make extra money? Or how about to change careers or your job? We all have right? You see the very first thing we do that affects our lives positively or negatively is the decisions we make.

For the majority, the firmness of your decision varies. For example, when some makes a decision to lose weight, they may go 1 or 2 weeks and then revert back to old eating habits. Whether consciously or subconsciously, what that person has done is make another decision not to lose the weight. In reality, the firmness of the initial decision was lacking. When you make a decision, make it a firm decision that will stand in the face of any and all hardship. Expect obstacles when you make your decision and expect to overcome those obstacles.

2 - Take Action

As we all know, nothing happens until you take action. Have you ever known anyone (especially a family member) that seems to have all the greatest ideas known to mankind, but never gets anything accomplished? I know I sure have. One particular long lost cousin comes to mind. That dude has every great idea about everything, especially if you ask him. But in the end, when its all said and done, he's in the same place doing the exact same thing that he's always done, day in and day out. He has never taken any action on any of his ideas.

Think about this for a moment. What if someone famous with great ideas never took any action? How about Henry Ford? Would we be driving around today? What about Thomas Edison? Would we be able to turn on a light at night? What about, in a more modern era, Bill Gates? Would you even have a laptop?

3 - Create A Result

When you have made your decision, and taken action, a result occurs. The result of your action can be either positive or negative. If you decision was to lose 30 pounds within 3 months, and at the end of your timeline you only lost 6 pounds, you are not gonna be too happy about that. However, if at the end of the 3 months you lost 35 pounds, then your result was highly positive. Your end result is a direct reflection of the firmness of your decision and the action your took to reach your result.

4 - Your Results Create A Feeling

If your result is positive, a great feeling of success is attached directly to your decision and the action you took to reach the result. On the other hand, if your result is negative, a whole different feeling is attached to your decision and the action you took. A positive feeling will create an upward spiral. And the reverse is true, a negative feeling will create a downward spiral.

So the point of understanding The Feedback Loop is if your results are not going in the direction you desired, then back up the loop and examine it for a moment. Take a look first at the firmness of your decision. Did you expect obstacles? Did you expect your outcome to be easy or difficult? Did you have an 'all or nothing' approach?

Next, if your result is headed in the wrong direction, take a look at the action you took to reach your outcome. For example, did you exercise along with your diet to lose that weight? If so, how often? What do I need to change in order to reach my desired outcome?

So if you want to change your results then take a look back up the loop and adjust as needed. If your taking action but not getting the results, then back up the loop again and take a look at your decision. Was it firm enough? Are you committed? Do you need additional training? More education?

Every task you undertake follows The Feedback Loop. These 4 ingredients never change. The person changes.

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