Top 6 Keys in Team Building

Written on the 9 July 2016 by Charles Allen

Growing up in rural Mississippi was awesome. I wouldn't trade those lifetime experiences for anything. As a child growing up all the way through young adulthood, I was always involved in team activities. Team sports mainly, but also team school activities in different clubs or organizations.

I'll always remember a former coach's words so eloquently expressed during a halftime speech as we were trailing by 14 points. It goes something like this, and I paraphrase, "This game is not about you, it's about the TEAM." I omitted a few explitives to keep it readable, that coach was very passionate and overly dramatic. You get the picture.

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Learning to build a strong, dynamic team takes work. As you grow, you learn what works in team building and what doesn't work. Sometimes we learn the hard way. My top 5 keys in building a strong team are listed below.

1. Know your role.

As a team member, we can't all be superstars. There are key role players that make up each and every successful team. For instance, everyone has heard of Peyton Manning, right? The longtime Colt quarterback now with the Broncos. Do you know who his favorite receiver is? Do you know who his favorite receiver was? Do you know the center's name that snaps him the ball? Do you know the names of any of the offensive lineman on his current team? Probably not. However, without those role players there is no team.

Do you know your role on your team? At the office, do you now what is expected of you?

2. Communicate.

Communication, in my opinion, is the single most important factor in team building. Why? Are you a mind-reader? Can you assume what your manager or employee is thinking regarding that all important task or deadline? You know what happens when we ASSUME, right? You make an A out of U and ME.

Have you ever been involved in a personal relationship and there was a communication breakdown? We all have at some point. When we get off track it's always due to a lack of communication.

After all, if you have no desire to communicate with your team members or loved one, it's time to find a new team.

3. Know your destination.

All too often I hear co-workers, team members, employees and even managers say something like "I don't know why we are even doing this, it's not going to help". Does your team even know why they come to the office early everyday? Do they even know why they stay late?

Knowing your destination includes short-term objectives as well as the long-term goals. Keep those in front of everyone concerned. If everyone knows the WHY, they will figure out the HOW.

4. Re-evaluate periodically.

Just like my former coach at halftime who said, "The great teams are the ones that can adjust midway through the game." Being able to adjust and make modifications on the fly is crucial. I'm a firm believer in adaptability. When your team faces an unexpected obstacle or deadline, how will you react? After all, life will definitely throw you a curveball. It's how we react that counts.

5. Put the Team first.

Putting the team first means putting ourselves second. If it will benefit the team more by doing a certain task then that need to be the guildeline. You may not see the personal benefits initially, but if you put the team's best interests before your own, the team will go a lot further, faster.

6. Don't Quit.

Have you ever quit anything in your life? We all have. Here's what I have learned. Once you succumb to quitting, it becomes easier and easier. Success works the same way. Once you learn how to make it work, it becomes habit.

Adopt the attitude that if you don't first succeed, try, try again. It's an old adage but will serve you well in developing your team.

Surronding yourself with a highly functional team will take you to new levels. Use these 5 keys to explode your team.

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