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Creating a Winning Mindset

Posted by Kirsten Lowis on 28 April 2015
Creating a Winning Mindset

"80% of your business success is your Mindset, 20% is your Talent and Skill."

Mindset plays a big part in determining your business success.

Here's why.

Did you know we have on average 50,000 60,000 thoughts a day?  Let me say that again PER DAY.  Let alone per week, per month, per year that's a lot of thoughts!   And on average 70% of those thoughts are negative.  It's human nature, that's just the way we are I'm too tired, it's too hot, it's too cold, and I don't feel like doing that, yeah but. sound familiar?

It has been scientifically proven that our thoughts have energy.   Just understand that what you're thinking, impacts how you're feeling, and how you're feeling impacts the actions you take which therefore gets a result, positive or negative.  Understanding this is very powerful in attracting what you want (and don't want) into your life.

Your belief systems could also be holding you back from reaching your full potential.  What are your belief systems around money your self worth. Are these holding you back?
Being conscious of what you are telling yourself is the first step.  When you catch yourself saying something negative, ask yourself 'so, what do I want?'

Your favorite music can help shift how you're feeling.  Try putting your favorite song on as soon as you get up in the morning and see the difference it makes.

When you're tired, it can make everything seem 10 times worse.  Make sure you get good nights sleep, and if you're tired during the day, take a 30 minute nap it will do wonders!

Being around like-minded people can really shift your energy and create inspiration.  Make sure you have a good support network around you.

This can be achieved by joining a business group such as 'Zoom in Business.'

Once you have your mindset right the rest is dependent on you taking action, and that's where you move to the 20/80 rule, spend 20% of your time thinking and strategizing and 80% doing. This then creates the momentum you need to drive success.

"Success is down to 20% thinking and 80% doing"

10 Tips on Creating a Winning Mindset

By John Leach Author of  "The Success Factor"

  1. Define your personal intentions and goals and align them to the things you love doing. With this sense of purpose and clarity you can then begin the journey to achieving what you desire from your life, business or profession. Remember alignment must be achieved between personal and professional intentions they cannot work in isolation.
  2. Prepare yourself for the journey by creating the right mental conditions. Resilience and mental toughness are directly related to your sense of purpose. If you give up after the first hurdle then your purpose is not strong enough! It wont is easy! Be careful about what you think about! That's what you will get.
  3. Personal responsibility for your actions means that you will make choices and not sacrifices. Belief in yourself is a key part of the way to think if you don't believe in yourself then no one will! When things go wrong don't fall to victim mentality as this gives rise to a whole series of self defeating internal discussions become the master of your own destiny.
  4.  Taking action must quickly follow all the thinking. Success is down to 20% thinking and 80% doing. Strategies emerge when we take action strategy comes alive in the execution it is this action that creates serendipity people will often talk about getting lucky! Success Factor believes that luck is the product of intense activity and personal clarity!  We then start to walk the path of our destiny!
  5. Embrace the spirit of cooperation and working with a team ethos. Going it alone can be a tiresome and difficult journey. Caring and working with others can be the catalyst for us reaching our destination. Finding those who can support our shortcomings and plug the gap in our performance can make things happen smoother and quicker.
  6. Learning to lead ourselves before we lead others is vital. Once self-leadership has been mastered the leadership of other can commence. This means we must foster an environment that create the conditions for success to flourish, we coach those we are supporting, we communicate with impact and we ensure those under our leadership conform to the rules.
  7. Playing by the rules is an essential part of long-term sustainable success we must observe the value of humility and operating by a set of values that show caring for others and our environment. Practicing the philosophy of giving before we receive warm the hearts of others and is visible representation of the fact that we live a life of integrity our reputation is often all we have to trade.
  8. Engaging with others and building win win relationships is a vital step to success. By embracing a mindset that life is truly a pitch we begin to recognise that competition means that we have to sell to get what we want this could be our skill and expertise, qualifications, talents or products and services. By active listening and marrying carefully our proposition to what others want we start to build relationships.
  9. A creative mindset helps us to truly stand out from the crowd. Creative capital is often viewed as the ultimate source of competitive advantage because it unlocks our imagination drives innovative thought and delivers remarkable differentiated results. Keeping a fresh mind and outlook enables us to remain ahead of the game and become memorable to those we need to influence.
  10. Going the extra mile by doing things others wont do will get you remembered. Life has become extremely competitive which means there are far more applicants than jobs, more suppliers than contracts, less places on popular courses.  The only way to get the edge is by digging deep and going one step further than others!
Kirsten LowisAuthor: Kirsten Lowis
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