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How do you put an elephant in your fridge?

Posted by Kirsten Lowis on 1 March 2014
How do you put an elephant in your fridge?

How do you put an elephant in your fridge?

My daughter asked me a great riddle, "Hey Mum. Do you know how to put an elephant in the fridge?"I was struggling to come up with the answer for a couple of minutes, before she said: "You should open the fridge, put it inside and close the door!!"

That's it! It was so obvious! Why didn't I think about it myself?! Probably because I am a grown up and that's what grown ups do.

When trying to find solution to a problem, we usually choose the longest, most complicated and time consuming way to do it. We work so hard, concentrating our mind on little details, estimating if it is in fact possible, what can go wrong in the process, trying to predict problems that can arise in the process that we completely miss the "BIG PICTURE".

The key to success and satisfaction is to simply...begin.  Our success greatly depends on the amount of attempts we make.  If we increase the number of attempts we automatically increase the number of times we fail the Law of Probability. But the more we fail, the more we learn, the better we become at what we are doing and the higher chances we have to succeed. 

Don't be afraid to fail. Even if you set a big goal and fail, you'll learn something new and acquire valuable experience. If you succeed, you'll get all the benefits of your goal (popularity, respect of others, satisfaction, higher self-esteem, financial abundance, happy relationships and so on.) However, if you don't try, you'll achieve neither. 

We had a great response to last months article on planning finances.  I'd like to congratulate all that responded and received those budgeting tips and tools.  Although, if you haven't yet taken the time to manage your finances, the task would seem like it's as difficult as squeezing an elephant into a little door of reality.  We can learn a great deal from ten year olds keep it simple, look at the BIG PICTURE and ask for help.

Let's get zooming...


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