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“Is there a formula for business success? Uncle Alan would say “Yes, but the more important question is; Do you have the ingredients?”

Written in a story format Premiership Business Equation is filled with various location analogies and sporting metaphors for ease of knowledge transfer. We follow the story of Jason, who is on a journey as his Uncle Alan delivers his master classes on creating the Premiership Business.

Chris is an established author and advisor who shares his passion for individual and organisational performance with business owners and accounting professionals. Chris speaks internationally on Business Performance best practice and advises entrepreneurs on business growth and profitability.

We have five copies of The Premiership Business Equation to giveaway.

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Win an online DISC profile (valued at $175 each)

Would you like a highly accurate and objective tool that will help you learn more about yourself, and get the right people in the right positions in your team?

This quarter we are giving away 5 DISC profiles to our readers. The main thesis of DISC is that people fall into four main personality types which are Dominance, Influencer, Steadiness and Conscientious (hence the D.I.S.C. profile).

At Zoom in Business, we use DISC to help our members create greater self understanding, as well as assisting people to better work together in a team environment.

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Competitions drawn on 30/09/13. Winners published in Zoomin Business Magazine Issue 15.