5 Key Strategies to Getting FREE Media Coverage

When it comes to getting free press, it can be intimidating, frustrating and unpredictable.

There are never any guarantees that a media release, when turned into a story, will get in the paper... Tanya Targett was a print journalist for 17 years, She has seen time and time again, good stories - placed in the paper at 5pm - absent from the paper the next day.

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She explains that each step we take in the media process is a well-thought out, strategic move, to get the story one step closer to being published - online, on air or in hard copy
There are certain things you can do to increase your odds, from choosing a different day of the week to knowing 'who feeds off who in the media zoo'.

This process is about understanding how journalists work, how the media machine and newsroom functions, the importance of good quotes, the importance of becoming an "asset" to a journalist, understanding and thinking in pictures - not leaving it to the photographer - and having timely, newsworthy media releases and pitches, which are delivered on the best day, at the most opportune time.

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In this webinar, Tanya will explain:
  • Why you need to be using the media
  • How you use the media to your advantage
  • The best day and time to release material
  • How to choose the right outlet and forum
  • How to become an asset to a journalist

Thanks to the internet, the media now runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week - that's 525,600 minutes of 'air time' up for grabs.

Imagine if you could tap into just a few seconds, what would that do to your business, credibility and reputation?

No doubt your competitor probably already is.

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Getting in the media is part luck and a lot of strategy.

Join us to learn from Tanya the 5 key strategies to grab the media's attention and get FREE coverage.


Venue:On Your Computer
Starting:10:00 AM
Thursday 17th October 2013
Ending:11:15 AM
Phone Enquiries:1300 249 742

5 Key Strategies to Getting FREE Media Coverage