90 Day Business Challenge: Is it for you?

We invite you to join this FREE INTRODUCTION to our truly unique 90 Day online event where you will dream, be inspired and take action in your business.

Since 2010, we have been connecting business-minded people through our magazine, membership programs and business events.  At our core, we believe that business success is lead by choice, not chance and taking the traditional is no longer relevant.  If you are a person who chooses to change and grow, you need to join the 1% of business owners who - despite realising that business is not an easy task - still get up, take action and pursue new ways to learn and grow.... And our 90 Day Business Challenge may just be the first step!

During this session, we will talk about the 90 Day Business Challenge which an online business assessment and mindset program created by Kirsten Lowis who is the Founder and Senior Consultant of Zoom in Business, Publishing Editor of Zoom in Business Magazine and creator of the popular series "Let's talk business. How to buy, grow, value and sell a business" and "90 Day Business Challenge". Kirsten specialises in helping small business owners understand the often overlooked "business" of business. Her informative sessions are jam-packed full of stories, tips and resources that will help you at any stage of your business lifecycle.

Kirsten will explain how she runs this 90 Day Business Challenge over the course of 12 weeks, concentrating on one of the six key areas in your business every fortnight and how you will complete some Pre-Challenge Tasks, recieve a Welcome Pack and Workbook, plus join her and our team of experts for six fortnightly Webinars as we tackle the Challenge together. Also, we will explain how we will keep you on track every day, so you'll get your work done, and have some real tangible results to show on completion.

We believe that if you join this program, and invest time in completing the tasks, you will make your money back. 

The Zoom in Business team live and breathe business and they are passionate about you getting a return on your investment by working with people who truly want to start or buy a business, grow it to a healthy and profitable level where they are ready to step away and have it fully managed or alternatively sell for maximum value. Using our case studies, activities and questions, you will develop your own growth strategy and action plan, with access to our templates and resource library.



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90 Day Business Challenge: Is it for you?