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Could your business be performing better? Our 90 Day Challenge could be the answer!

Learn the 6 underpinning drivers to get organised, fast-track growth and take your business to where you want and need it to be!



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As soon as we receive your registration, we will email or post (whichever you prefer) your Jump Start Workbook which will have 6 training modules with assessments.  

During this 12 week intense challenge, you will undertake a business training program like no other.  To fast-track your training, you will also have:

- your very own accountability coach,
- 24/7 access to our business library,
- training videos and webinars
PLUS access to our panel of experts who will help you zoom through the program.

Get started TODAY on this 12 Week Program for just $70 per week* (Excl GST).


Facilitator:               Kirsten Lowis 

For just $10 per day Kirsten and the team of Zoom in Business experts will guide you through the program will help you get on track - all with an iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee!  

Don't park your business. Get on the super-highway with Kirsten and our Zoom in Business 90 Day Challenge. 


"I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to get organised, simplify their business and work with a switched on professional who will kick your ass into gear" - Damon, Sydney, Australia

"The 90 Day Business Challenge is a practical, useful and affordable way for the average business owner to learn, apply and reap the benefits of developing their business through a membership" - Cathy, Townsville, Australia

"The support I get as a member of Zoom has been incredible and I could not have possibly ticked the list of boxes I've managed to achieve to date without them. My business is successful thank you to Zoom in Business! If you have a business and want to see it grow, get a business mentor and coach that really cares and is dedicated enough to want to make you to grow!" - Yvonne, Brisbane, Australia

"Kirsten is a great entrepreneur and experienced business mentor who exhibits high levels of integrity and professionalism. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again and recommend her services to fellow colleagues and business owners." - Kerri, New York, United States of America

"I think it is a great program that truly benefits those people who are committed but have had no results. The combination of a workbook with assessments, online training, a business community and expert advice really worked for me knowledge is power, but having someone keep you accountable is powerful!" - Rechelle, Melbourne, Australia






Venue:At Your Desk
Starting:6:30 PM
Tuesday 1st July 2014
Ending:10:00 PM
Tuesday 23rd September 2014
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Book Now for the next 90 Day Business Challenge.