Instant Cashflow

Book:  Instant Cashflow (2000)
Author:  Brad Sugars

10 Key Concepts:

1. Intelligence is the ability to draw even finer and finer distinctions on a certain subject.
2. The people you attract in your life are another great mirror of where you are at.
3. Every day your business meets your true expectations.  In other words, if you believe you got to work harder to make money, then that will always be your reality
4. A business is a commercial, profitable enterprise, that works without you
5. Why build a job when you can build an income stream that keeps growing whether you are there or not.
6. The only reason you ever start a business is to sell it.  Very few people ever make a fortune running their business, but a lot of people make a fortune selling businesses.
7. You have got to finish a business at some stage and have it ready to sell.
8. Work for people you can learn from, in a business where you can learn as much as you can about the business you want to run in the future, about business in general or, about any subject that interests you.
9. The aim of the game is not to work harder it is to create better results with less effort finding ways of achieving more with less.  In other words, to continually leverage your time, your efforts, your money and your knowledge
10.  Leverage is simply the ability to do more with less
11.  Entrepreneurs create money
12. If you really want to make money you have got to put more of your time into income generation than you do cost cutting.
13.  You have got to market if you are ever going to make real money
14.  The only way to become a marketing genius is to simply test and measure
15.  Try to see the entire function of your business as nother more than a buying exercisebuying customers, NOT selling products or services. 
16. Can I buy customers for less than they will spend with me over their lifetime of buying
17.  Profit is simply as spending less than your earn
18.  Low acquisition cost of customers
19.  Tying commissions to the margin of the product they were selling.  In effect get a percentage of the margin instead of the overall sale.
20. Focus then on higher margin products.

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