Zoom in Business Magazine Issue 11


With the Papageorge brothers on the cover…

I love business! It’s a bold statement I know, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do. There’s a little secret that no-one tells you when you step out on your own; regardless of your academic qualifications or experience, a business will thrive on the level of sales, data and feedback you receive and act on. Ultimately, I believe this will make you love or loathe business.

So, I start this issue by zooming in on feedback. Over the past few years as Editor, I’ve made a great effort to capture the hot topics and trends around town and express them in our articles each quarter. I’m so lucky to be able to meet and talk to hundreds of business owners between issues and chat about what’s working and what’s not, and express them in these pages. As a result, we’ve modelled Zoom in Business to be a great source of free, current, local advice and information.

Last month, I was thrilled when a lovely woman pulled me up at the Coffee Club in Castletown and recognised me from Issue 10. Dressed in my weekend gear, shopping bags draped over the arms, Jane offered me positive feedback on the content of our articles and quality of the magazine, “It’s just fantastic to see you doing this”! It was marvellously encouraging for both myself and the Zoom sales and production team who had a skip in their step for weeks. It was at that very point that I realised that these pages had ‘finally’ delivered what we intended. It’s taken some time to get a greater level of feedback, and thanks to Jane, I’d like to encourage you also to also offer the enduring gesture of feedback to those businesses that YOU appreciate or have helped you.

This quarter the “bold and Greek” Papageorge brothers (cover story) from the Souvlaki Bar are the subject of one of our greatest stories yet. The lessons learned will hit home for anyone who has grown up and worked in a family business, and continued the challenging and rewarding life of family business ownership.

Once again, our pages are full of rich advice from our new and regular contributors to give you a boost during the last, busy quarter of trading before the holiday season. We have success stories, special offers, TEL quarterly update and our popular back pages of business and commercial sales.

By the time you’re reading this, you should be thinking about how to capitalise off the trading spike, or alternatively planning a well-deserved holiday. Whatever it may be, remember to offer your feedback to your fellow business owners, particularly during the festive season when things get hectic and stressed. If we can ALL work ON improving our business community, everyone is a winner! Finally, thank YOU for being part of our growing readership and we welcome your feedback always. Until next time…

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