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MARKETING: Shout it to the world

The actions you take to promote your business that generates interest in what you do and creates a lead.

Can you guess how many small business owners and marketers consider themselves 'pros' at online marketing? The magic number is 12% according to a recent survey by AWeber, and 29% admitted to being overwhelmed by marketing using cyber space. It's not surprising that the majority of us find it hair-raising when we try to make sense of utilising email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, and every other new marketing tool that pops onto the market. It's not only next to impossible to keep up, it can also make your marketing look amateur. This quarter, try to rein in your habits around marketing in our three steps:


1. Chunk your time

In most cases, procrastination kicks in when things get overwhelming, and you cannot afford to procrastinate when it comes to marketing your business. Try to start small, and schedule a chunk of time out of every day to your online marketing efforts start with 30 minutes to get the ball rolling. If you're more ambitious, double it; just make sure you have a block of uninterrupted time to focus. Before you know it, you'll be more confident about your efforts, and you'll want to expand that time to match results. Remember to keep track of what activities you are working on, so you can test and measure.


2. Make your Net-work

The most challenging part about marketing, especially as an entrepreneur or a small business owner, is feeling like you're doing everything yourself. The AWeber survey also uncovered that 91% of small business owners act as #1 marketer for their businesses. Here's our tip... You don't need to be an army of one. There are so many tools, tips and advice, online forums, and a myriad of services that can help boost your marketing. Think of these resources as your network of consultants to assist you.


3. Automate

Instead of taking an "as-it-happens" approach to online and social media marketing, plan ahead. The best way to start is by creating an email responder series and plan your social media posts ahead of time we do ours one week in advance. Just chunk out some time, tune out distractions, and pump out as many ideas for posts, tweets, and other pieces of content as you can. If you dread writing or are struggling to come up with new content, just chip away and go back to it later. You'll be surprised how much you can accumulate.
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