mastermind [mas-ter-mind] / noun : A highly intelligent individual or group, who plans and directs a complex or difficult project or supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project ("they masterminded a unique solution to the problem.", "He was a mastermind at business").

The Zoom in Business system is called Masterminding, and it's been around for decades, helping the world's top business leaders get to where they are today.

When you become and exclusive member and log in to our exclusive members area, you have your own business coach and mastermind group working with you 24/7, where ever you are regardless of the size of your business or industry you work in, to boost your business performance and give you the freedom every business owner deserves.

How Zoom in Business Masterminds works

If you want results, nothing compares to having a great coach. A great coach has already figured out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to succeed. A great coach also becomes a highly valuable 'team' member who will drive you forward and connect you with people who will help accelerate your performance.

Alone, we can procrastinate forever. But with a masterminds group lead by a great coach, sharing their wisdom and guiding you ahead, you'll receive all the information, motivation and accountability you need to take action and get results. Let's face it, at some point, you need to start making things happen in your business.


Kirsten Lowis is our Mastermind Coach. As the Founding Director of Zoom in Business a subscription-based coaching program and magazine publisher, and formerly BIZRICH a business valuation and sales firm based in North Queensland, Kirsten has learnt from the trenches and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience and knowledge to our members.

With over 10 years as a franchisee, retailer and start-up business owner, Kirsten has worked closely with fellow coaches, hundreds of clients and the best facilitators in Australia who have run their own business or have experience in running a business and teams.

Kirsten's extensive knowledge and experience as a Registered Business Valuer and Licenced Business Broker helps our members improve awareness, understanding and confidence in buying, growing, valuing and selling their business, while connecting them with local and international business experts to create a capable and dynamic business community.









Benefits of becoming an exclusive Member

When you become a member of the Zoom in Business Masterminds program, you are guaranteed solutions to grow your business. We will become your team who will help you fast-track your business profits starting with a personalised business coach.

As a bonus, EVERY MEMBER participates in the Zoom in Business Member's monthly Live Training Calls where a Zoom in Business Coach will personally work on a different business topic or "Project". It might be a business idea, introducing a guest speaker or it could be an opportunity to work on a challenge from someone's business. It can be an open forum for sharing business insights, or it might be a knowledge session to learn new skills. By the end of each session, you will leave feeling reinvigorated and ready to face new challenges.

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